It's finished!

I've finally finished decorating my Christmas tree!

Am I the only one who wants to get out the camera as soon as I'm finished?


Today's my husband Dennis' birthday!  We went out to dinner on Saturday because he has to work today; now we're waiting for him to get home so we can have cake and give him his gifts.

Here's my most recent photo of him/us, taken last month at an Air Force Academy football game.  It was  a night game and VERY cold! (Awful photo of me, but isn't he adorable?)

In other family news, my son Ben achieved the rank of Life Scout last week!

Here we are with our buddies who are also new Life Scouts (they're twins); the boys have been together since Cub Scouts so it is very cool for them to be advancing together!  Life Scout is the rank just before Eagle Scout.

Would you look at how tall my son has gotten?  He'll also be serving as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader to the Cabinet for the coming term.  That reminds me: I'd better get to sewing on those new patches and merit badges!

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Marion said…
Your tree looks magical and you and your family are beautiful. Isn't it great to have digital cameras to take all these amazing photos and get to see them instantly? Seems like just yesterday we had to take out the film, drive it to a camera store to get developed, then wait! God bless digital technology.

Thanks for sharing.


Nancy said…
Happy Birthday to your DH - congratulations to your son! Love your tree - you & I have many similar vintage ornaments. Wonderful memories!
Christine said…
Happy birthday, congratulations (to mom and son--I think it's as hard for mom as the kid) and beautiful tree!!! I LOVE all your vintage ornaments!!!
Spotted Sparrow said…
Your tree is GORGEOUS!!! It's beyond perfect.

Happy birthday to your hubby, and congrats to Ben. Look at you, proud mama in that photo. So cute! :)
Gorgeous tree, Laurie! And you must be so proud of your son! Great pictures and a belated Happy B-Day to your dear hubby!
Have a great day!
Jingle said…
It looks FANTASTIC!!!
Alyssa said…
We always get out the camera right away, too. Then we turn off all the lights and just lay around with only the tree lights lit. It's lovely!
Sandra said…
Laurie, your tree is absolutely beautiful. I love all the vintage ornaments. Congrats to your son, and Happy B-day to your husband!!
Connie said…
Love your ornaments. It's a beautiful tree!
Betty said…
Your tree looks wonderful. I love all the ornaments. Congratulations to Ben!
pineapple_ing said…
Laurie, your Christmas tree is simply, nostalgicly AMAZING to me! Beautiful! Happy belated birthday to your DH and btw.. you are just as adorable as you say he is! :) And congrats to your son and friends for their Life Scout achievments. You must be very proud of him.

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