Happy birthday to me: Indulge Your Shelf on Etsy turns 2!

Today is my Etsy shop, Indulge Your Shelf's 2 year birthday!  I'm pleased with it; there's a lot of competition on Etsy as you probably know if you have a shop yourself, so my 143 sales and 200 people who call it a favorite mean a lot to me!

To mark the day, I decided to restock the shop.  In addition to marking down some items earlier this week, I've spent some time this morning listing some new items and have many, many more that I hope to get to throughout the coming days.
Fun and Funky Train Piggy Bank

Fairy Birthday Candles
Tiny Framed Scrap
Sweet Homer XL Sugar bowl
Coors Pottery

Salt and Pepper
Cottage Rose Coffee Pot

I hope someday my other Etsy shop, Twice Shy Restored, catches up; meanwhile, thanks for looking and for making Indulge Your Shelf a modest success!


Christine said…
Wow, congratulations on 2 years. That's outstanding!!!

I didn't know that you had another shop! I'm off to take a look!

Summer Gypsy said…
Congratulations, Laurie on your second anniversary at etsy!! How exciting to have 200 shoppers who have you as a favorite!!! Happy Autumn.....hope you're having the kind of weather we're having here today...low 80's with a breeze in the trees!!!


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