Every room is the craft room

I think you would laugh if you looked around my house today: the dining room table is strewn with ephemera, there are two sewing projects in the family room, there is a computer project on the kitchen table, and the guest bedroom bed is literally covered with my laces and trims.  You would think I didn't have an entire room devoted to my creations, but I do!  The thing is, I never work in there.  (Who's with me on this?)

Anyway, the dining room table project is my current passion: I'm putting together pages for one of the Silver Bella swaps I'm doing.  I have to do 15 pages, and while they can all be different, I had a goal to make mine similar.  You are to start off with a 7" x 11" page, and fold it in half to make four 7" x 5.5" pages.

Here's what I've come up with for the first one.  It's the only one I've completed so far -- my first try. (Note: I don't consider this a spoiler for the swap, because this is only one of 15 pages I'm doing and I'm not going to show you any more than this...until afterward!)

One page is sort of a "fashion" theme.

The reverse is embellished with sewing-type items.  We were encouraged to include blank spaces for the recipient to journal, etc.

This page has a royal/king/queen/fairy tale theme going.

I included embellishments like a storybook page from a Primer, an antique doily, and this really great cigar label.
Here's the back of that page; I wanted an extra section so I added this piece of sculpted wallpaper, which I inked and decorated, and backed it with other beautiful vintage wallpaper.  When you open it, it reveals the little bag.

It's really not quite complete, because I also plan to create a decorated tag to go into the bag.

Vintage ribbon and a piece of Dresden foil.

I've also left plenty of room for the recipient to place photos and other keepsakes in the book.  Also, I had a very hard time covering up the blue pages of that beautiful 1858 ledger I bought in Virginia!  That's the best part of the Silver Bella swaps, I think: I'm forcing myself to go all out and use all of my best stuff -- the stuff I usually want to hoard.

Now...I just need to make 14 more!


sassypackrat said…
I'm with you! I have projects strewn all over the house. I don't use my dedicated studio as much as I should because I don't have a tv in here and my office chair isn't as comfy as my couch when I sew for long periods of time.
What a lovely book you are making! Your swap partner will just love it!
Anonymous said…
These are AMAZING pages ! Thanks for sharing. You've hit the mark with them and I'm sure everyone will be thrilled with the pages. I can't wait to see it in person. love the sewing theme and the fairy theme and the hidden wallpaper pocket. Oh goodness- i love it all ! many blessings
Linda Sue said…
Astonishing! I am not sure I could part with the "best" stuff- I do tend to hoard that which I can not duplicate. If I had your "putting it all together" skills I might let some of it go...I always think that I will bugger it all and ruin any promise it may have had. Your's is so wonderful- well done! cheers!
Marion said…
I thought you were describing my house. LOL! Except add piles and piles of books, journals and cats. I tell my husband daily, "But I KNOW where everything is and if I move it, I WON'T know!" I love my creative mess. I have a sign on my home office door, "Better a Creative Mess Than Tidy Idleness!"

I love your photos of your projects. Especially the pattern flower. I've been experimenting with a felt flower exactly like it. Happy Creating! xoxo
Bunty said…
I think we are all with you on this one Laurie! The pages are looking gorgeous so far - can't wait to see more ....

Barbara :)
Christine said…
These are beautiful. I love things made with vintage ephemera and the recepients will be so lucky!!! I would have had a hard time even cutting up the pages of the ledger book! But won't it be fun to create something with the cover!!!

Anonymous said…
Some cool projects going on in your house. I seem to spread out everywhere too, do you think the craft supplies move around the house at night? Like in Toy Story? Some times it seems that way. Whatever you are doing is working, so keep it up! xox Corrine
Angela said…
Those pages are so elegant! Your swap partner is so lucky! Just beautiful!
Linda E. Pruitt said…
I'm just like you, I have projects in the living room, on the coffee table, on the ironing board, on the floor, and all over my room! But I'm having so much fun!!!!

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