The Blog Guidebook

Have you all noticed the pretty bee button on the left sidebar of my blog?

This bee is called Belle Abielle, and she's there because I'm listed in The Blog Guidebook, which is an awesome blog by Lyndsay and Sarah, who put it together as a blog community.  The Guidebook lets you list your blog for free under one of many categories; there, you can find like-minded bloggers.  I feel my blog is most closely associated with those under Vintage and White, so I put it there.  I could also have listed under Flea Markets and Antiques, or Junking/Thrifting/Collecting, or Fabric/Sewing/Quilting, or even Writing!  In any case, I can peruse all those and other categories to find new blogging friends!

Besides this listing and categorizing function, The Blog Guidebook is also a fantastic resource about blogging; check out their Giveaway section, and their Linky Party page.   Know someone who wants to blog but doesn't know where to start?  They even have a live help desk and a page called Blogging for Newbies!

I think you should all run over there and list your blog in the appropriate category so you can join in the fun and help the community grow!


Deborah said…
This looks like a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

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