Kindergarten days

Etsy Bloggers Street Team is reminiscing about Kindergarten.  I'm from the generation that attended at the end of the 1960's.  For me, Kindergarten meant a half day of stories, finger painting, ABC's, then graham crackers and milk.  Afterwards, a nap on a flat mat, then playing outside until mom came to pick us up.

"Outside" was a small yard, separate from the Big Kids.  The yard was carpeted with tan bark, and shaded by huge Eucalyptus trees.  Beyond its fence, a golf course.  We had swings, and monkey bars to play with.  And boys!

On the first day of Kindergarten, I was excited to be going.  I'd spent the whole year before adjusting to my brother's absence at home, and was ready to move up in the world.

My mother walked with me to the class entrance, where my kindly older teacher smiled her welcome and waved me towards her.  My mother let go of my hand and I walked happily to the door.  Just then, a little girl named Bronwyn screeched and began to cry, begging her mother not to leave.  I stood rooted to the spot, confused, as I watched the little girl crying for her mother.

I have a distinct memory of thinking, "Oh! I'm supposed to be afraid!"  And then I burst into tears as if on cue, and ran back to my mother.  She laughed, and told me it was all right, and to go on in.  After a short hesitation, I wiped away those tears and did just that.

On that first foray Outside on that first day of school, some of my little male peers chased me around the school yard.  When they caught me, they put me in "prison" under the monkey bar structure.  To get out, I had to give one of them a kiss!

I think I loved school from day one!


LOL! What fun memories! enjoyed reading your post!
Micki said…
What lovely memories you have Laurie!
Angela said…
I see why you loved school! :o) Such a cute story!
Linda Sue said…
So cute...Kindergarten is memorable- a first time out of Mom's kitchen on our own (sort of)...Nearly every grade after that is a blur.
Christine said…
What a fun story! Those were very pretentious little boys!!!

I was pre-kindergarten. At my school kindergarten was like pre-school today. Since my mother didn't work and I had 5 brothers and sisters, we didn't attend kindergarten. Sometimes I feel a little left out. :(


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