Etsy Bloggers of the month - 2 months running!

I missed blogging about July's blogger of the month so I'm going to do her and the August blogger in the same post, to catch up!

July's blogger was Missie of Sykin, who makes wonderful handcrafted items as well as lovely Pacific Northwest photographs in her nw wonders Etsy shop here.  She has another shop for Twilight items, simply called sykin. On her blog, she writes about other Etsians, featuring their products, which is really cool.

Here is a sample from Missie's store:

August's Blogger of the Month is Patch First Shop, run by  from Thailand.  She makes beaded Swarovski and bridal custom jewelry in her "first" shop; she also has two others: Patch Vintage Shop, for vintage clothing, and Patch Supply Shop, for packaging and other supplies.  Her blog is here.

Here is a sample from Patch's store:

It's fun to be part of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team.  Don't forget: our Anniversary sale, this weekend only!


Missie said…
Thank you for the feature!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your featuring of my shops!! :D

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