Saturday, August 21, 2010

The happy crafter

I've done it!  I've spent some time knocking out the projects I mentioned earlier this week!

 For everyone who said they wanted to see it, here's my 46 squares project framed:

The same day I did the framing, I also had a chance to complete a scrapbook I'd started a couple of weeks ago.  It's a book of some of my favorite photos of my hand made creations!:

It's in a pretty K&Company scrapbook.

Forgive the glare!

The products should look familiar!  Some of them are still in my Etsy shop!

I also worked on that quilt: first, I traced a fleur de lys (the Scout symbol) onto a piece of fabric.

Then, I arranged my son's Cub Scout patches from several years ago into the shape I'd traced and applied them to the fabric:

I finished it this morning and I am very pleased.  Now, I can pack it up, along with several fabrics I've chosen, and send it off to Angela to piece it!  The above patches will become the center square of the quilt.

Meanwhile, look at what arrived in the mail yesterday!  A cool surprise:

It's "mail art" -- kind of like a postcard made from original art, sent by Corrine!

I can't wait to create a piece to send back to her!  The world is a creative place, nicht wahr?


Christine said...

You have been such a busy crafter!!! Your framed embroidery squares is stunning and your scrapbook is great. Such a great idea to scrapbook your projects!!!

I'll be watching for next time you post one of your crazy quilt pillows. My mom decided that she wants to make a crazy quilt out of my dads shirts so she wants to see your pillow.


Angela said...

I can hardly wait to start on your Scout quilt! The fleur de lis looks fantastic!
And I really love your 46 things stitchery! It is very creative and really showcases YOU! :O)

Linda Sue said...

love your little postage stamp sized blocks of art framed- Treasure! Good idea- the postcard art! Bet it feels satisfying to complete projects...I wouldn't know...

dosfishes said...

Hope it did put a smile on your face! Your book is great, I need to get more organized about getting organized! xox Corrine

Pretty Things said...

Top photo -- just gorgeous~!

Something Special said...

I wish I could get all the projects done that I have wanted to complete recently. Way to go!