Summer in the shop

I don't know why, but lately items from my shop have been in a couple of Treasuries per week on Etsy.  I'm always thrilled when someone chooses my stuff to showcase!

I hope you like it when I show you what I've been listing -- it's always a separate post from the items I've thrifted and am keeping.  Here's what's new in the shop; if you want a closer look, click on the description for the link:

This lovely Irish felt hat in the most delicious blue -- and look at that medallion! -- was an estate sale find!

Vintage childs quilt -- one of three I have just listed in my shop -- from (a different) estate of a quilter!  It has the world's cutest ribbon trim on it.

The detail of another quilt -- this one is embroidered and, as you can see, hand tied.

The sweetest little pink, round box filled with individual serving salt shakers!

Detail from one of a set of two Paris prints.

Full set of stainless steel canisters in great condition -- Beautyware by Lincoln; I almost kept them!

I love the fun graphics on this little coffee pot, including the one of the cigarette in an ashtray!  Definitely from another era!

Do you love the graphic on this plate as much as I do?!  Look at that pink/green combo, and the cute, prancing horse.

All this and more, new in the shop!  Now I'm off with my son to look for a new swimsuit.  If it's torture for me, it's doubly so with him in tow.  But, he's being punished because I caught him in a lie this morning.   It wasn't a big deal -- simply, I asked, "Did you eat breakfast?"  And he said, "Yes."  Then I asked what he ate for breakfast, and I could tell by his answer that he was lying.

Lying is a huge, big NO NO around here.  It's actually my pet peeve.  (Only, "pet peeve" isn't a strong enough term for how much I hate lying and liars!)  I wanted to charge him $25 for the lie, but I called my husband at work and he thought that was too harsh.  What do you think?


Sherrie said…
You can't tell only part of the story about lying about breakfast without giving the answer. It was sort of like a tease. I wanted to stop by and say a big thank you belatedly for your kind words about the shop. The opening went really well and continues to do well. I am very happy. I posted photos today. Again thanks.
Christine said…
So many beautiful things I don't know how you can let them go!

Pretty Things said…
Congratulations on the treasuries!

As for the lying -- I am so not a good at giving advice, and maybe I missed his age, but maybe $25 is a bit much? Maybe hit him with something the helps YOU more, like cleaning the house. ALL of it.
Unknown said…
I love the silver canisters......

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