The peak of summer

We sure enjoyed our 4th of July, which included a visit from my friend who moved away last year, Jenni, and her family from OKC.  They were here for about five days.

We had a cookout at my house -- just look at Jenni's cornbread salad!  Yummy!

Dennis got to make use of the Margaritaville mixer we got him for Father's Day.  It was a big hit!

We visited 7 Falls -- a waterfall in a beautiful canyon in town.  Here's Jenni and her family at the bottom.  Not too much water due to the dry weather, but it sounded great anyway!

Our fireworks show had to be put off until the 5th due to long storm on the 4th, but the kids didn't mind!  Here they are playing with sparklers.

We relaxed at the cafe at Garden of the Gods after running into some mutual friends -- what were the odds of that, I ask you?

Garden of the Gods never loses its appeal.

We also visited Manitou Springs, a touristy little town with fun shops.  Being there made it really feel like summer to me!  Tourists crowding the sidewalks, ice creams in everyone's hands...

I was wishing the fun would never end but of course, it always does.  Now we're in the final countdown to putting Ben on a plane to Virginia for the Boy Scout Jamboree!

I will have to get busy photographing some of my antique finds for you; that will be coming up, next post!

How's your summer going?


Spotted Sparrow said…
Wow, Garden of the Gods is well named. Stunning! I'm so happy you had a great visit.
Angela said…
I would love to come see those mountains! Maybe someday, when the kids are grown! Ack, that's a long time! :o)
Charlene said…
Oh, how I miss Colorado Springs! I lived there for a short time when my husband was working on a project at Ft Carson. Being from the flat south, I was enthralled with the mountains and the sights there! Love your pictures, they bring back good memories!
Christine said…
It looks like you had a great 4th and a wonderful visit with friends! You look great!!!

Micki said…
Looks like you all were having a wonderful time. You live in a beautiful place!

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