Summer's pickings

Here are some of the pretty and fun things I've found around town in the last few weeks:

When my pal was in town last week, we visited our favorite antique store, and lo and behold, they were having a flea market out in their parking lot!  (I was personally annoyed not to have heard about it ahead of time, as I write about such events for!)  I stayed outside and checked out the flea market while my friends shopped around in the store itself.

I bought all of these little trinkets from the same lady, who was packing up and offering everything for half price.  That little heart is made of wood, and has a tiny carved lady's head attached to the front.  The clerk's pin once had a ribbon hanging from it; it's celluloid and metal.  I just adore the little patriotic ribbon!

I also got this little ad card from the same dealer:

Another seller let me have this McCoy flower pot for just $2!  That was a deal -- I love collecting McCoy.  I also bought a pile of S&H trading stamps; for some reason, those just appeal to me!

A few days later, I finally had a chance to go to a store my friend and neighbor's been telling me about.  There's a lady who supplies them with antique lace from Europe, and they also sell fun antique buttons.  So, of course the store had my name on it!  Literally...

because the very first thing I saw when we stepped through the door was this hankie holder embroidered with my initial!

I bought this wonderful button sample card to keep, and another couple to sell in my Etsy shop.

And this trim which I just LOVE!

This unusual lace...

...and a few other laces and trims.  That shop was amazing!

This was a thrift store purchase -- I was going to sell it but I somehow can't -- it's just so sweet!

Another thrift store find -- the prettiest rosy ribbon!

I bought these Spode Copeland dishes at an estate sale.  I am really into this shape of dessert plates these days!

And here are a few pieces of antique china and a silver cup that are also thrift store finds:

I collect blue and white china, which I mostly use in decorating my blue and white bedroom.  And, I have been falling in love with these mini mixing bowls lately, too, especially when I find them thrift-store cheap.

The little silver cup is engraved on the front, "Claire M."  What a lovely, old-fashioned name!  I love the shape of the handle, too.

But, of these summer pickings I'm most proud: picked from our raspberry bushes out front!  They are delicious, too, and there's so many more where those came from!


Christine said…
So many lovely finds! But I'm with you, the raspberries are the best! I need to get over to my mom's for some fresh raspberries!

Unknown said…
it all is so fun...I love the trims especially but what really has my eye is those rasberries.....Our are new canes so we have a while yet......
Angela said…
You must have great thrift stores there! Love that pink rose ribbon!
Linda Sue said…
Dang girl- you so scored big time! Lovelies abound and you most certainly have a eye! "That's Lauri, with an "I"..." Wonderful post of delicious finds!
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Hooray for you! When I go to the thrift stores here, I just find "junk". Maybe I don't have an eye for it, or since this is the Goodwill capitol of the "world" everything is picked over!
Hi Laurie, I have not visited for a while. I went to a antique mall and found so many lovely antique and vintage linens and thought of you.
Lydia said…
Your raspberries look divine, and I wish we lived closer. I'd love to have a partner in crime to go antiquing with,hahaha. Such fun, the thrill of the hunt:)

Over the last week, I got a free(curbside w/a sign) gold , antique mirror, my friend found and got me 2 black, display racks, always a useful item, and I got some vintage look rick rack and those freebie spools.

Now I have to clean up the mess in my house, because a sister-in-law from HI is coming in tomorrow, who didn't get a chance to see Ken.

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