Iced Tea on a Summer Day

We are trying to enjoy these last days of summer, my son and I.  Just in the last week alone, we've been to a ball game.  We've been to the water park.  And we took a drive to Boulder, to see the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory.

Ben has become a big fan of iced tea in the last year.  I'm happy because he orders it instead of a soda whenever we're out.  We make a pitcher of it every night at home, too.

So, his favorite part of visiting the factory is sampling all the teas, hot and cold, in the tasting room.

My favorite part of visiting is the original artwork made for all their lovely tea boxes on display.

Ben obligingly poses, holding his tea.  Celestial Seasoning is know for their packaging artwork, and inspiring quotes, which complement their wonderful tasting teas!

This dress (and tiny top hat) is made from tea packaging!

It was another wicked hot day when we were there -- 98 degrees -- so we enjoyed lunch in their air-conditioned cafe, and all that wonderful iced tea!

Unfortunately, they don't let you take photos inside the factory, but it is super fun to learn more about how they buy it, process it, and package it.  They have a room called "the peppermint room" in which only mint leaves are stored.  It is so potent in there that it clears your sinuses!  (It also made my eyes water.)  They sell T-shirts in the gift shop that say, "I Survived the Peppermint Room."

It was a long drive, but a beautiful one.  I tried to take some photos, but nothing does it justice.  If you get a chance, you must visit!


Bunty said…
This sounds like a really interesting and fun visit. I love the dress made from the tea packaging - some people are so clever and resourceful.

I think your son is the image of his Dad (from the photos I have seen of him on your blog) - I expect you are told that all the time!

Angela said…
I'm not a big fan of tea, but that sure looks like a fun place to visit!
Your son is looking so grown up! Tell him I said stop that! :o)
Linda Sue said…
Ben rocks! What a great kid and I am so glad you have him for another few years- Your heart will break, you know...When I lived in australia I made the mistake of calling herbal infusions "tea" I was corrected several times before I distinguished the difference. So, glad you enjoyed your infusion day with the best boy ever!
Lydia said…
Ohh, I would have gone with you! I love tea, iced tea, and Celestial Seasonings tea!!!

...and tea is so much better than soda. All 3 of my kids like it. I brew fresh tea just about every day at home. What a difference. My son said that I have tea for more than a year, but, I don't think so. One can never have enough tea in the house.:)
Unknown said…
wow! that dress rocks...i could make that dress.....

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