Raspberry Almond Squares

I put my homegrown raspberries to good use yesterday!

Raspberry Almond Squares.  Click here for the recipe, which I found online.  Thank you, Domestic Sensualist!


Jingle said…
Oh, my goodness those look amazing! Oh...and yes, I was in Denver, but it was super fast and furious! We had to fly out there for a Memorial Service so lots of family and not much other time, unfortunately. It made me want to move back, though! LOL!
Pretty Things said…
LOVE me some raspberries!
Bee said…
Hi Laurie,

I'm so glad that you tried the recipe. I must say I'm having raspberry envy! Our homegrown raspberries were pretty puny -- only good to be mashed up into a crumble. I had to BUY the big, plump raspberries that I featured in the recipe.
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Laurie-- I will pass this recipe along to my daughter, she will love it! She's a bit of a "domestic Sensualist" too!

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