The best of summer

I have the BEST friends, online (you!) and in real life.

When Jenni came to visit over 4th of July, look what she brought me:

It's a Taste of Oklahoma -- different BBQ sauces made there, honey, and two kinds of syrup!  Best of all:

it was all nestled in a basket lined with this amazing little quilt that Jenni made herself!  She is a great seamstress, too.

The other day, another friend, Michelle stopped by and brought...

flowers -- for no reason!  (The best kind, right?)

She also shared with me some of the wacky fun she and her family have been having with a toad who visits them each evening.

She says they make him pose for photos...this one is called "Wrangler Toad."

Michelle says they are surprised when he keeps coming back for more!  I told her he must be a Broadway-show loving toad, or a wanna be runway model, looking for his break.

It makes me laugh so hard!

And I think we're having our best raspberry crop, ever!  They just keep coming!  The birds are getting their fill -- it's like a bird bar out by my bushes -- and there's still more for us!

If you have a favorite raspberry recipe, send it to me, please!


Linda Sue said…
This is my favorite raspberry recipe:
Mr. toad is hilarious and such a good sport- looks like he should smoke a cigar and have a bag of money!
The reason you have such wonderful friends is because YOU ARE! "the love you take is equal to the love you make" - you are the BEST!
Christine said…
So now your making me hungry!!! I love raspberries--my mom is getting a great crop this year as well. I really need to get some starts from her so I can have some of my own!

That toad is hilarious!!!

Malisa said…
OMG! The toad photos are hilarious!!! Thanks so much for sharing those!

Ragamuffin Gal said…
Thoughtful ~ delightful gifts all of them! You have wonderful friends! I am going to make a blackberry cobler later today! Have a fabulous weekend! It looks like you had a fab week!!!
~ Katie
Micki said…
What wonderful gifts and those toad pics were funny!
Oh my goodness... I love your pictures, they tickle me~
Thank you for sharing!
I love your blog!
We have a new look, please come and visit my blog and see your button!
Have a good evening!
Lydia said…
The toad is hysterical!!!. Yummy rasberries:)

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