Summer days

Thank you for all the wishes for my son's birthday yesterday! I ordered a very special handmade card for him this year, from Lisa who lives in Israel.  You can find her blog here and her shop, Handmade in Israel, here.

I knew it would be wonderful, but I never it expected it to be as fabulous as it is!  She had me send her a photo of Ben, and then his interests; I sent her some photos including one of him in his Scout uniform, and his two dogs, plus the fact that he loves his new Ipod Touch, playing the trumpet, and the TV show Dr. Who.

I love it so much I'm going to frame it!  Ben loved it, too, of course!

You all will be happy to know that I'm not going to be complaining about our lack of Spring anymore; it's actually as if we are already in Summer here, with lovely days in the 80's and lots of sunshine. 

I'm also enjoying getting to sleep in a bit -- because my teenager has to be pried out of bed with a crowbar.  With no one to rustle out of bed for school, I'm sleeping until I wake up lately, which is usually around 8:30.  Bliss!

Pretty summer evening downtown

Here is a little project I did the other day:

I had this little bird under a dome, which was a Christmas ornament I bought a couple of years ago at Target.  I love it so much, and had often thought it would look lovely year 'round.

So, while at a thrift store recently, I found the perfect tarnished silver candlestick.  I brought it home and glued the ornament to the top of the candlestick.  I think it's adorable!

Another of my favorite things about summer is that the dogs spend more time lazing around outdoors, which means the cat spends more time downstairs with me!  Isn't Kyra pretty!

I've caught the summer slowdown bug, too: more writer's block.  It's Wednesday and I haven't written a single article for my page! Shame on me.


Linda E. Pruitt said…
Summer, what's that?? It's still cold and raining here in Oregon, very unusual for June! The card is definitely a keeper! And as to writer's block--my blog is suffering right now for lack of input! I hear ya!
Belated birthday wishes to Ben! That is a very cool card you scored for him.

And thanks for stopping by with kudos about my art! I'm still floating.
Pretty Things said…
That card is so sweet!
I am so pleased that you and Ben like the card so much! I just remembered now that his birthday must have come and gone. I loved creating this card for him and am so happy to hear that you are going to frame it. Thank you!

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