46 Squares and other bits and pieces

All creative endeavors in my house have been at a standstill for the last week because, as you know, we're having floors installed.  It's hard enough anyway in the summer, isn't it?  There are so many outdoor things calling our names.

Ben helping with another Scout's Eagle Service Project yesterday; the Scout's installing a flagpole at a church.

So...while I have nothing new to tell you about, I do have some odds and ends to show you:

This is a little desk that I seriously almost bought from a thrift store. 

I finally decided it was too expensive, though, for the work it needed.  Plus, I'm not real competent in wood refinishing.

It sure was cute, though -- look at those legs!

This was another one, right next to it.  Not quite as adorable, but still tempting!

I found another one of those little sewing boxes -- this one has kitties on the front!

And since these were half price, I had to have them -- vintage linen cocktail napkins with an English Pub theme!
I envision a pillow with four panels.  But, I think they are going to go in my Etsy shop for someone else to actually put it together!

A beautiful Homer bowl.  I just love the sweet birds!

And a few more squares:

Life is just a bowl of...oranges.  Or, now that I look at it...sherbert?

This is Maggie, our yellow Lab.

A tomato pin cushion.

I have some fun stuff to show you that's going into my Etsy shop in the next day or two.

I'm also seriously hoping to have more time at the computer next week, when the floors are in and I need to procrastinate a break from putting all the furniture and cabinets and shelves back together in those three rooms!


Angela said…
I would have found it very hard to pass up that first desk - it is adorable!
Summer is really putting a damper in getting anything done around here either! Oh well! :o)
Linda Sue said…
You walked away from that desk???NOOOOO!
Devonay said…
I want that desk!!!!!!!!!!
No! I want the desk!!

That is exactly what I am looking for to have in my kitchen. All the mail, school papers, recipes, coupons, notes, and lists that are on my counter could be there...and when someone is coming over...I'd just flip up the lid!!

I do understand tho'... I don't really have the time for a major furniture refinishing project either.

Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie
Unknown said…
I love all your finds....I had a desk just like that one when I was a kid...I always felt like a real writer sitting at it....it makes me smile!

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