The unpredictable

This weekend I grabbed a friend and went up the highway an hour or so to see the newest summer antique event, Towne & Country Market.  Being right across the street from one of my favorite stores, The Barn, I knew we couldn't go wrong.  Mother Nature had another idea, though.  I felt very sympathetic towards the brave artisans who shivered in their lovely booth areas during the unseasonably cold, rainy Saturday.

As we strolled past the booths, I noticed some beautiful things that looked very familiar.  Sure enough, it was a display by a favorite blogger of mine -- Jeanne at A Bushel and a Peck!

I was jazzed to be able to pick up one of her handmade journals:

Look at those huge rings!  I can fill it with some thick and bulky pretty things.

Here are some of my favorite pages from inside.

Best of all, I had a chance to meet Jeanne and we even took a photo together:

See...I'm holding one of her pretty ruffled bags.  Don't mind my rain-drenched hairdo.  Jeanne was very gracious and sweet in person -- just like she is on her blog!

Our shopping trip was cut short, though, by a phone call from my son; in fact, my friend's phone and mine both rang simultaneously, with our sons on the other end saying they needed a ride home.

Their camp out was canceled by the same dreary weather.  So we rushed home.  -Sigh-  And, all I'd managed to get from The Barn was this ephemera pack:

Doesn't it look like fun, though?  I haven't opened it yet -- I'm saving it for when I have time to savor each little surprise.

Here are a couple of other goodies I've picked up here and there this past week:

Pretty bark cloth fabric and a couple of old tape measures from a garage sale...

and, from the same garage sale...a tiny Cinderella carriage pin!

And, from an antique store that I'd run into to pick up fliers:  these little plastic flower pot covers!  I am very inspired by them.  (They were only 25cents each!)

Other than that, I haven't been up to much else except working on the floors and attending Scouting activities.  The carpet was a cinch to get up and out of here (and it was even more damaged than I'd thought!)  But the linoleum in the entryway was another story!  Ugh.

It's all out now, though, and tomorrow I'll start tidying up the rest of the downstairs, which is a disaster area.  (The floors won't be installed until Friday.)

Here's Ben in his new Scout uniform, for Jamboree -- which is now only 42 days away!  You wouldn't believe how long it took me to sew all those patches on.  And I have to do it again, because he has to bring two shirts.

My week ahead is full of doctor appointments, more Scout activities, the aforementioned cleaning...and, hopefully, some crafty things as well.  Summer is so...unpredictable, isn't it?


barb cabot said…
Great post! Wonderful surprise treats you found, Of course you always do! I want to shop with you one day.
Sandra said…
Laurie, is sounds like you had a fun trip, even if it was cut short. How fun to run into someone from the blogging world!!! I love all the little treasures you found.

Would you please send me an email, with your mailing address, ;))
Thank you.
Debby said…
Hi Laurie, looks like you had a great weekend. The journal is great, have fun with it.
Jeanne Oliver said…
Thank you for taking the time to stop by. It was wonderful meeting you. Sorry that your trip was cut short but I hope to see you next month and you can also shop longer at The of my all time favorite places to shop.

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