Look what I found!

I found something I haven't seen in months: my dining room table!

Of course, it's been there all along...just buried under a layer of fine ephemera, buttons, and linens!  I'm so happy to see it...

and to be able to play with arranging some of my pretty things on the buffet behind the table!

The reason for all this cleaning-off and putting-away of stuff is because of my project for this week, which is to box up the living room, dining room, and front entryway.  When stuff is boxed up we can move all the furniture in those rooms out to the garage.  When all the furniture is moved we can rip up the carpet.  When the carpet is ripped up, a few strong men will come in and lay new flooring for us.

This is what we picked out.  It's called "Fair Oaks Natural."  We chose it for its beauty but also it's durability.  Many of you know about our season-from-hell, when all of our pets were sick within weeks of each other, and all of it ended up on our carpets.  I've cleaned the carpets, but I can't erase the memory.  So, I decided to inconvenience myself in this way and do all the prep work necessary to finally get these wood floors put in!

It will be nice to have it done!  I'm hoping the new floors will inspire me to do some redecorating.  I'm not one of those people who loves to change things up all the time.  Instead, when I have pretty things that I love, I have a hard time imagining improving up on the look...so things can stay the same for far too long, I fear.

Oh, my.  I can almost hear half of you creative, decorating geniuses (Karla) cringing at the thought!

I'm going to be around, but just in case you don't see me  posting a lot this week, it's because I'm buried in boxes of china and/or my computer's router is unplugged!  (It lives in the living room...)


Linda Sue said…
Great, you won't be sorry! Carpet is loathsome! Unbelievable what lurks in it no matter how much you vacuum or shampoo it- it is nasty! Wood is so easy to clean and keep clean- everything shows up instantly and you are forced to swiffer every day! It is great to prevent allergies and mold and those things hidden in carpet! YAY!
Angela said…
That's how I feel when I clean off my desk! :o) Love the fabric heart in the bowl! Such pretty stuff!
Debby said…
LOL...Always fun to find something we haven't seen in awhile. Looks great.
Unknown said…
ok, duh....now I get it...you called it moving day, and I thought you really were....just be glad it is just a few rooms!

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