Creative license

I had to giggle at this vanity plate the other day:

I guess that's why they call them "vanity plates."  She just had to make sure we know she's an ex-beauty queen, if I'm reading it correctly!

And then I saw this one yesterday:

It really got me wondering.  Is she a seamstress?  Quilter?  Sewing implement salesperson?

It reminded me of a shop I used to visit in Burlingame, CA, called The Status Thimble.


Angela said…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading license plates! The first one made me think "Christmas DC", although I'm not sure that makes sense either. Or else, she is the ex-wife of "Mr DC"?! HA!
Anonymous said…
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Deborah said…
I don't want one but it is fun to read some of these plates. So sorry about your kitty.
Angela Catirina said…
Well if my tags weren't the relic that they are (expired two years now. But that's not the record. I had a Toyota with 5 year old tags the first time I moved to California - LOL), my new ones would say "WAY2CUTE".
Laurie said…
In CA, it was pretty affordable and I have had personalized plates from time to time. When we moved here, I thought of getting "BENZRIDE". But here in CO they are way more expensive than regular plates, so I can't afford'em.

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