New looks for summer

Blog: I'm playing with blog backgrounds/themes.  What do you think of this one?  Does it take too long to load?  Comments appreciated while I try to make up my mind!

Home: Today's 'moving' day as we box up our living room, dining room and entryway and move the furniture into temporary storage in the garage.  We're almost done -- I need to tackle the china cabinet and then take apart the computer armoire.  The latter weighs about 400 lbs, I think.  Ugh!  But, we'll be able to stay online as we've figured out to make that little card table I bought a temporary computer desk.

Here's my afternoon for ya:

 Oh well...I suppose I've procrastinated enough...I hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday!


Angela said…
I like this background! It didn't take any time at all to load on my computer!
Oh geez, well, if you need somewhere to store all those pretties, I can hold on to them for you! :o)))
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Yes, I like this background too! It's simple and clean, not distracting. I see some lovely items in that hutch!!! But, lots of work!

Thanks for the comments about the old quilt tops on my blog, I appreciate your input!
Micki said…
It's beautiful, and it uploaded lickety split.

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