New Old Stuff in the Shop!

I've restocked the shelves at Indulge Your Shelf; here's a peek at some of what's new:

Christmas Lights (the box is the real prize, though!)

I may give eBay a try again with some of my collectibles.  I'm close to 500 feedback, and would like to get that new star on my eBay profile; plus, it's always good to keep your seller account current and I don't think I've sold anything on there in 6 months or more.


Linda Sue said…
Good luck selling on Ebay- I haven't sold anything for well over a year maybe two...Burned out on ebay, I did...Your treasures are wonderful!
Pretty Things said…
The tin is VERY cool!
Angela Catirina said…
You would have had so much fun in my grandmothers' garage. She had stacks of old Christmas light boxes exactly like that one - and pretty much everything else she never tossed out.

My granddad got fed up with the mess and hauled it all out in the yard and made a bon fire when I was 3. OHHH the $$$ he burned that day - and the history.

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