I left my heart...

Now that our floor is finished...

we are moving furniture in.  I sold our big computer armoire and replaced it with a simple desk.  Now I have this lovely large wall space over the desk and I'm looking for something rather modern to fill it with.  The rest of the living space has more traditional touches -- especially that dining room with all the antique china.

Here are some pieces I liked on Etsy this morning:

the san francisco experiment--original oil painting--traciebrownart

SF streets canvas - the artist,  Stephen Fowler, said he could do it for me with an aubergine background

Coffee in the City by Linda Woods

I still dream of San Francisco down at the waterfront by Gina Louise

What do you think of any/all of these?


Micki said…
I love the painting you found! Really pretty!
Angela Catirina said…
I'm so glad you reminded me to look for wall art on Etsy. My walls are absolutely bare since we moved. GREAT FINDS - as always!
Deborah said…
Your floor is beautiful!

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