It's Official: I'm a Floozie! And other news

I can't tell you how excited I am to have finally gotten a space on the Button Floozies site; here's a link to my first post over there!  Fun, fun.

I have so many things I want to photograph and show you when I get a free moment.  Right now, Ben's home on his second week of Spring Break and the weather's been spectacular for the last couple of days, so I'm not at my computer as much.  He and I are leaving Dennis on his own for a few days to fly out to see our friends in Oklahoma later this week.  We'll be back on Easter and plan to eat at one of our favorite restaurants when Dennis picks us up in Denver, on the way home from the airport.

Easter!  That is one holiday that has creeped up on me this year!  Would you believe I have not one single Easter decoration up in the house?!

I did manage to get some photos of my Etsy Bloggers Street Team journal swap project before I send it off today:

Here's the front of the journal

Here's the page where we were to introduce ourselves

On the page on the left, we were to write about the town we grew up in; on the page on the right, we had to write one word about our day in large letters

Here, we were to write about a song and what it meant to us.  I chose "Please Don't Leave Me" by Pink, and wrote about how my heart breaks over my oldest, best friend who is in an abusive relationship

On the page on the left, we were to tear up a photograph and put it back together again; on the page on the right, we were to list the four most recent listings in our Etsy Favorites

 For this page, we were to put an element of our art on the page and write about it.

There were 31 pages in all, one for each day of the month in March.  (I finished a couple of days early, because we're going out of town.)  I enjoyed the project, and I can't wait to see the one I'll be getting from my swap partner!

In other news: I'm learning how to improve on the traffic to my page; earlier this week, I was the number one Examiner in Colorado Springs...for about a day.  Now I'm down to number three -- which is still awesome, as they only note the top five, so being in there anywhere is great.  I love learning new things!

I'll leave you with some photos I took of a package of -what else? - buttons that I sent to an overseas friend, Barbara, aka Vintage Bunty; I got very carried away in the decorating and arranging of the box, but I enjoyed it so.  Best of all, she loved getting them!
The pretty, rose covered box contains two smaller boxes of buttons; the vellum envelope holds...

 these two pages which I sewed buttons on to.

 MOPs in one small box...
and an assortment of old white buttons in the other!

Prettily wrapped!
I could play with stuff like this all day, if I had the time!  It is so calming and enjoyable.

As I mentioned above, I'm dying to show you photos of some of the other joys in my life, such as the boxes of linens and things that my sweet, generous friend Linda Sue has showered me with as she de-clutters!  I am in heaven!  I'll get to it as soon as possible, dear friends!


Melissa said…
I love your journal. That is something I must start doing. I vowed to start a journal in January, and now it almost April and I still have yet to begin. Yours is super cool though with all of the different drawings, craft items, and paper goodies!
Linda Sue said…
So GOOD! You reput together so beautifully! Delightful!
Jingle said…
So many beautiful things in this post!!! Congratulations on your new Floozie status! :-) HA!
Bunty said…
I love reading your posts - they are so interesting, especially as I am in the UK, hearing about such places as Colorado Springs, Denver and Oklahoma, places which I will never probably get to!

I truly loved the packages you sent to me and it was easy to see that you enjoyed making them up for me! Thanks again!

Barbara :)
Your a floozie! Those ladies are amazing. I am happy for you. Love all your pictures today. I need to visit more often, you have a lot to teach and say. Have a great Easter. Blessings, Martha
Unknown said…
I love the buttons!!! and to be a floozy and be proud of it...good for you!
the journal is the coolest...what a fun project...I like that there were themes for the pages makes it easier....
Congrats on your flooziness!
Micki said…
Your journal is just wonderful! I will be getting into that too, but I want to concentrate on altered art journals. Yours is so pretty!
Viola said…
Love all your photos, Laurie! Your journal looks so beautiful! Great job! Happy Easter, my dear! :-)

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