Some Beautiful Art, An Emerson Quote, and A Small World

I fell in love with Viola's mixed media art when I found her blog through One World, One Heart this past January. (She has a second blog, too: Shabby Chic Inspired, for mixed media home furnishings, which I love equally as much.) Several weeks ago Viola posted this beautiful piece on her blog, and I decided to buy it for myself: my own graduation gift to me.

The quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "The years teach much which the days never knew."

I found the quote so inspiring because of my upcoming graduation. Going to college as a mature adult was, for me, as much about discovering what I already knew as it was about what I was newly learning.

The wall hanging is about 9" x 6" and has been created with layer upon layer of gorgeous antique fabrics, trims, buttons, paper, and of course the antique photo and the quote on fabric. It's all sewn down and stitched intricately, to perfection. I am just in awe of her talent!

Viola doesn't have a shop, but all of the artwork featured on her blog is for sale. So I emailed her to purchase it, and discovered how much we had in common! She lives with her husband and 2 cats very near where I spent the bulk of my time in Germany, outside of Cologne!

Viola offered to send along some paper ephemera from Germany when she mailed my wall hanging, but imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find not only the paper but all of this as well:

I was so surprised and overwhelmed by her generosity! Thank you again, Viola, for sharing your art and your inspiration, and you friendship, with me!


Spotted Sparrow said…
Wow, talk about a surprise! What a sweet gesture.
Lydia said…
OMG ! How gorgeous! And what unbelievable generosity. You know, generosity is the true spirit of an individual:)

And Congrats on your imminent graduationn!!!!! This is so exciting!!!:)

I might have told you that my Dad was one of a few of the first in NYState to receive his Assoc. Degree, from life credits,classes, and some testing back in the 70's I think. The war took him away from his college. He brought back a war bride, and the kids came tumbling out! He felt so good doing this.

Feel good , as my Mom would say. You deserve it, with all the hard work that you have done to come this far. That is so inspiring to see!

Enjoy your trip, and take your pro-biotics daily !:) Lydia
I agree, Viola's style is just so gorgeous and lovely. You really scored with all those extras!
Viola said…
You`re welcome, Laurie! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear! :o)

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