Friday, March 20, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

I'm in the mood for Spring. Why is everyone (i.e., the network news channels) calling today the first day of Spring? I thought all the first days were on the 21st of the month...?

I see some buds on my lilacs, and the first bulbs are showing their green, barely. But that's it.

Here's what the landscape looks like around here (taken when we walked the dogs this past Tuesday):

That's Snoopy. Yeah, about the only thing green around here is my bright, flowery shirt!

I did see a nest or two in the bare trees.

It reminded me to remove the wreath from my front door, lest we get another bird family trying to nest in it like last year.

Here's something spring-like: the print from some draperies I'm getting ready to list in my Etsy shop:

I guess that will have to do me for now!


Spotted Sparrow said...

What a pretty landscape! BTW - I just gave you a blog award. :)

barb cabot said...

I'm wishing you a lovely spring Laurie. Enjoying your blog.