Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Irresistible Thunks

I couldn't resist doing this Thursday Thunks because, as the blog says, the questions are from the "Thunkers" themselves.

1. What is your favorite type of soda (if you drink soda)?
I try not to drink soda. But, when I do partake, my current favorite is Diet Coke. I never, ever drink soda that's not diet - way too sweet (yuck!)

2. Do you believe in astrology? If so, what does your sign say about you?
I don't believe in astrology. I'm a Virgo with Leo rising and find some of the characteristics to be accurate.

3. Who is John Galt?
This question has been plaguing me since last summer, when one of the trainers at my gym said that the novel, Atlas Shrugged "changed her life." I was determined to read it to know why. But, even though I find Ayn Rand's writing lovely and entertaining, the story moves so slowly that I can't bring myself to finish it. So I don't know who John Galt is, and I fear I never will.

4. What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep at night?
Take off my slippers.

5. Who's your Daddy?
My father was a wonderful, handsome man - a World War II veteran, a carpenter, a husband, son, brother, and grandfather.

6. Jelly beans or Jelly Bellies?
I actually like the beans better. I'm not a stickler for all those different flavors and, like Professor Dumbledore, am always worried I'll get an ear wax flavored one or something.

7. What do you think about yellow car? Why car manufacturer actually made yellow cars?
Really, I don't care for yellow, pink, or purple cars. But, to each his own.

8. Holding on or Letting go?

9. What kind of underwear, if any, do you wear?
You don't want to know.

10. Who is your daddy and what does he do?
See number 5.

11. Spring - is it here yet??
Hardly. I live in Colorado.

12. Does Google Streetview scare you?
No. I don't scare that easily. I'm a mom.

13. What is your favorite brand of ice cream?
Dreyer's, or Haagen Dazs

14. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Dreyer's Rocky Road. And I wish Breyer's didn't exist, because people are forever confusing Breyer's and Dreyer's and I can't stand Breyer's.

15. Do you ever get tired of your everyday routine?
I do. At those times, I just need to get in the car and drive.

16. What inspires you?
Beauty, creativity, eloquence

17. It’s springtime-do you spend more time outdoors?
I will when it really is Springtime around here.

18. When do you think Bud will let us see the DVD of him and the french twins?
Um. Who is Bud?

19. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you, and why?
I have too many answers to this question. Today, I think I'd live in a beachfront home on Kauai. I love the pace of life there: slowwwww.

20. Why do you blog?
I blog because I love to write, and I love to read what others write, and I love to get into these conversations.

21. What are electrolytes and why are they good for us?
I used to know this.

22. Do you twitter? Why or why not?
Not yet...because I'm very busy and I don't want to start up something else that requires me to be on the computer, and I refuse to text.

23. What did you dream last night?
I dreamed I was at a huge music festival and I won a prize. When I went to claim the prize they didn't have that exact item, but they offered me a choice of some other stuff that was really fantastic. The prizes were all very collectible music and movie memorabilia.

24. What is the strangest thing you've eaten?
Alligator sausage. Blech.

25. What was the last picture that you took?
I photographed some paper art I made.

26. What is your favorite part of spring?
The sound of birds singing.

27. What is one thing that you did this past week that no one knows about?
I bought a fabulous antique mini, or lap, quilt at the thrift store. It's in muted colors, in silks, and although it has some condition problems, it is gorgeous and I had to have it.

28. What kind of bandages do you typically have in your household?
ALL kinds. My husband is always complaining he can never find one when he needs one so I have them in all the bathrooms, etc. Currently we have plain, flexible, special for blisters, Spongebob Squarepants, and Star Wars bandages, along with several first aid kits.


budgetsarethenewblack said...

You have such a lovely blog and these were such fun questions! I read Atlas Shrugged but it's been awhile ... if memory serves John Galt was an idea? Your concept of recycling, if you will, is spot on. They just don't make things like they used to.

Kimber said...

Alligator sausage? Never even heard of such a thing. LOL

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I am Bud. I am crushed that you don't read my blog. It must mean that you are very smart and have taste! ;)

tosin said...

I love #12 and totally agree with #14!