Monday, March 16, 2009

My Newest, Oldest Project

This is what's on my desk for the next few weeks and maybe even months:

The plastic bins on the left contain (bottom) portraits and black and white, old family photos and (top) unsorted snapshots and Polaroids. The black box with the open lid contains packages of negatives, some with photos in them. The stack of snapshots next to it cover about 18 years.

Also in the photo are my scanner, a negative storage system I bought a while back from Creative Memories, and a light board for viewing the negatives. My HP scanner is very cool because it also scans negatives. I learned it works well on the typical 35mm negs; we'll see how it does with the older, smaller formats.

This project is something I committed to doing 4 years ago when my brother and I packed up the house my parents lived in for 38 years. I'm going to organize a lifetime of photos, catalog, and copy them. CDs will go to family and I'll distribute the originals wherever I see fit.

After that, the scrapbooking begins. That will be enough to keep me busy for years, don't you think?

When I saw that I was nearly finished with my coursework last week, I began to get all the photos out and sort them. I stopped working on it after a day or two because I couldn't take it anymore -- makes me miss my parents and times past. I'm getting ready to start up on the project again tomorrow and continue working steadily on it in the coming weeks.


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

OK! I don't know why I did't see the Etsy mini right there in front of me!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your things!

Lydia said...

This is what I've been trying to do w/our family photos since my Mom passed away in 1999(Dad passed away in '80). But my sister has them , wants me to do them, but can't seem to give them to me. God forbid anything happens, her husband has been known to throw away dear items!!!Argh!!!

I recently organized the photos I have in the house, so I know where they're at. And my oldest took it upon herself to help redo them in albums. Just the ones I have at home, takes up a few crates. And my sister has so much more than that. lotsa' work:)

Good job that you're doing it. It is tough to just do it, and not start reminiscing and thinking...Have fun!