Sunday, March 22, 2009


Have you met Julia? You may know her by her shop name The Spotted Sparrow; she makes wonderful paper and altered art designs that she sells in her Etsy shop, and here, and here. You may remember that I blogged about some of her cards a while back. Tip: you don't want to miss her fun and informative tutorials!

Julia was kind enough to give me my first blog award:

As recipient, I'm to blog about five fabulous things and then pass the award along to five others.

Five things I think are fabulous:

1. Reading. I don't talk too much about it on my blog because, let's face it, there's so much other stuff to talk about. But, reading is my first love. My idea of relaxation is to put my feet up and enjoy a good book. Libraries are among my favorite places. Jane Austen is my hero.

2. Being a mother. I did not have an easy time becoming a mother, and my journey included infertility, multiple pregnancy losses, and becoming licensed to adopt. Ultimately, I was able to have my son who is now 11 going on 12, and I'm thankful every day.

3. My husband. We'll soon be married 18 years and it's gone by in the blink of an eye. Here's just one of the things that makes him fabulous: he does ALL the laundry. Without being asked. Including hand washing if necessary. I think I've done about 10 loads in the last 4 years. He also folds it and puts it away!

4. Fettucine Alfredo, aka Heart Attack on a Plate. I know it's not good for you. How many of the best things in life are? I think Fettucine Alfredo is a food of the gods. I like it with a little garlic and no nutmeg. Put it together with tomato salad, garlic bread, and red wine, and you have my first choice for a last meal.

5. Blogger. I love this service -- it lets me publish this blog, upload tons of photos, connect with all you wonderful people, follow your blogs, and all for free.

Now, I'd like to pass this award on to some of my favorite reads:

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You are all fabulous!

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Micki said...

What I like about the awards is that we learn so much more about the people who got them. Yes, the things that taste really good are rarely healthy, and thank God that love can't add calories.
Congrats on the award and I enjoyed reading about you!