Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Etsy Treasury Tool

For those of you with an Etsy shop, this tool is invaluable. It's a query where you put in the name of your shop, and it instantly tells you if you've been featured in an Etsy Treasury!

For those unfamiliar with Etsy, a Treasury is a page that any old user creates (or "curates" ) by choosing 12 items they love and listing them together on a page, usually with a theme, like "Bright Colors" or "The Ocean" or anything they see the items have in common. The Treasury remains up on the site for 3 days, I think, and it's just another way for buyers to browse through and enjoy all the beautiful things on Etsy! Here's an example of a Treasury.

I need to bookmark the Treasury Tool and check it daily, really. I thought about it today, put in one of my stores, and found out that, although it wasn't actually featured in a Treasury today, one of my items was waiting in the wings as an alternate! Fun!

I know for sure that one of my items was featured in a Treasury a few months ago because the 'curator' convo'd me to tell me, and I suspect another might have been at some point because there was one day my number of 'fans' went up at about 5x the usual rate. It's a dream of mine to one day be able to curate a Treasury of my own.


Missie Zee said...

Cool tool. I'll have to check it when I open my new shop. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I should learn more about this Etsy thing.


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Kitty Scraps said...

Hello Miz Laurie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such a sweet comment *smiles* I don't have an etsy but have been thinking about it for a long time now. Thanks for the tip! Have a wonderfully blessed week!

Handmade in Israel said...

Oh, do let us know if you ever create a treasury! I'd love to see what you come up with. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate all your kind words.