Vintage Christmas in Colorado

Ah, the holiday fun is underway around here.
I broke out a few of the decorations in advance of my buddy, Suzanne, coming down to visit/overnight with me Friday.
On the sideboard in the dining room, I set out a bunch of my vintage Christmas smalls; underneath, a luxurious silver grey throw that was a birthday gift from Suzanne.
Just for fun, I included a little display of my Breakfast at Tiffany's stuff from the swap; it's all sitting in a wonderful blue hair dryer case and surrounded by some of my Tiffany's gifts from the other swappers!  Poking out of the side: a cigarette holder.
Suzanne and I met in Littleton -- which at about 90 minutes for both of us is a sort of halfway point -- at the fabulous Rue de Noel, a vintage Christmas 'Paris street market'.  It was so festive that as soon as I walked through the doors I got into the spirit!
The market from the second floor:
I'll just show you a bunch of photos and let you enjoy them!

 It's fun to shop with Suzanne!

After we did the whole market, which took about 2-1/2 hours, we went to lunch and then stopped in Castle Rock at a favorite shop for antiques and decor that Suzanne had never been to: The Barn.
 I knew she'd love it, and she did.  We enjoyed some of my favorite 'booths' there.

 So inspiring!
Next: all about our dinner and crafty get-together!


Linda said…
really enjoy your decorations, very nice! the shopping would be fun-i saw a bunch of vintage bulbs still in the box. wouldn't have been there when i left. waiting to see what you created.
Kathy said…
I need a bigger house.

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