Counting down to Christmas

The presents are wrapped and (most of) the groceries have been bought; the baking is done and the wine chosen.
I hope you are making progress at your house, too!
Here's a sweet little book of Christmas carols from a small-town antique store I visited the other day; I love the soft, faded cover...
it's diminutive size...
the illustrations...
and some of the wonderfully obscure song titles!
I made a couple more of the jeweled trees...they are addictive!
 I also got to spend an afternoon crafting with a friend and her curious cat!
We had a cozy lunch with the kids and then did some decoupaged ornaments.
Back at home, I must say that I'm pretty much all set for Christmas.  How about you?


Linda said…
I'm sure it's addictive when you get such beautiful results! Love the trees. I'm as ready as I plan to be and whatever isn't done-oh well. I will be making popcorn balls tomorrow and will finish up the treats making for me. Merry Christmas!
Unknown said…
I love the sweet little birds illustrated on the "Carol of the Birds" page in the song book. SO impressed you are ready!I thought I was ready but I still have 3 presents left to finish making! Merry Christmas!
Tami Hacker said…
Still have gift wrapping to do and some grocery shopping, but I am ready. We've already had our major entertaining events and are counting down to our quiet & cozy family time.

The song book is darling. I don't think I ever seen Carol of the Birds before.

Drooling over your bejeweled Christmas trees... another thing you will probably get me hooked on!

Hugs & Merry Christmas to all, Tami
Shane Pollard said…
Oh Laurie
You're so organised!!!
I need a big push at the mo as I've run out of energy - my batteries need charging!!!
Love the decorations you made - I would love you to show us some time!!!
Your jewelled Christmas trees are absolutely stunning.

Christmas Blessings to you and your family dear Laurie and thank you for being a part of my blog this year!!
Joyeux Noël
Shane ♥

Kathy said…
Carol of The Birds - how sweet! Love the illustrations, too and the font that was used. That book is a real treasure.
Merry Christmas!
Dee in N.H. said…
Fun stuff Laurie! I still have wrapping to do. Just stopping by to wish all a happy holiday!

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