Creative Christmas fun

After we finished shopping Saturday, Suzanne and I returned to my house and had an early Christmas celebration!  

 Here are the beautifully-wrapped gifts Suzanne had for me!
 She is so creative.  The medallion with the angel in the first photo is from a kit in Karla Nathan's shop;
 while the little dress decorating the second package was made by a local crafter.
I had gifts for Suzanne, including a little trophy that I'd labeled, "great friend"...

 and then something I made especially for her:

 an ornament wreath made of vintage glass ornaments!
After we exchanged gifts, other friends began to arrive for dinner.
Lani and Rebecca joined us for a relaxed dinner of lasagna, salad and fresh bread.
And then we got down to the business of creating.  Suzanne brought a bunch of supplies, and taught us first how to create burlap flowers...
and THEN we each created a little Christmas tree from a plain brown cone form!

 Rebecca's tree, pre-glitter
Mine, too (see my lovely splint on my right arm?)
After this photo, we took turns spraying glue and sprinkling glitter on our trees out on my front porch!
Here are Lani and Rebecca, as we took a break for Suzanne's homemade cherry pie, and coffee!
 Lani and her tree
Suzanne and her tree
 Rebecca and hers, post glitter
Then the evening was over and we got some rest before our second day of shopping.
This time, we were at a Colorado Springs show called Antiques on Academy; the first person we met there was Santa!

 I didn't purchase it, but Suzanne and I both loved this large book of fashions from San Francisco in 1923.
 'LOVE those old spun cotton elf ornaments!
 This kitschy Christmas tree was made entirely from pearlized jewels, and buttons.

 I thought these glass-covered spoked wheel tables were amazing.  The one at the top right held a collection of firearms.
 There were Christmas antiques galore at the show.  It was so much fun!
Sadly, after the show it was time for Suzanne to head back home.
But what a great time we had.
How was your weekend?


Hope said…
Hi Laurie~
My weekend was great! Our very first Girlfriends on the Farm...& I even have photos up on my blog today! It looks like you had a lovely time with you girl pals...such a pretty wreath you made for Suzanne! Love the little dress on her present to you! Merry Christmas!
Vintage Jane said…
I just love the beautiful paper decs and the bauble wreath you made is stunning. You are very lucky to have your special girlfriends and they are very lucky to have you. M x
Linda said…
all the craft and gifts were amazing. but oh that wreath with the vintage ornaments is absolutely the best. just beautiful, Laurie! may need to see if i can find any around town-love that idea.
Wendy said…
What an amazing time you girls had Laurie!
Kathy said…
Nearly as busy as yours but not nearly as much fun. Your little trees are SWEET!
autena said…
What a fun post! Love those little trees and the folded paper stuff and the antique expedition and... everything!Felt like I was there with you!
Unknown said…
That wreath is AH-Mazing! I have all the stuff to make one but need to get on it! Looks like you all had a great time!
GardenOfDaisies said…
It looks like you girls had a really wonderful time together! So fun! Love the gifts you exchanged and the trees you made. :-)

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