Thursday, December 13, 2012

What I did on 12/12/12

What did you do on 12/12/12 -- anything special or different?
I was crafting with my friend Connie; she taught me how to make this round ornament (a bit larger than the inside of a mason jar lid.)
She provided all kinds of supplies too -- like this adorable "silkie" picture on a piece of fabric; and then we chose coordinating fabrics and trims from her stash to put together just like a crazy quilt square.  I love this pale green motif.
I edged it with silver trim and sequins and doo dads...
and marked the day on the reverse, just for fun.  Fun, huh?


Kathy said...

How fun to do something special on the special date. Great idea!

Linda said...

what a pretty ornament. i didn't think to mark anything i did with the date-good idea.

Tamatha said...

Crazy quilt ornaments! I'm all over this project! :)