The White Christmas swap tags, hung with care

 So here's what I'd envisioned for the White Christmas Tags.
 I hung them from lengths of different white vintage laces/trims
 I didn't use them all -- only the pure white themed ones
 The ones that are more colorful are hanging from my kitchen curtains.


They look lovely displayed in that way! Very pretty.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
These are just beautiful. I am such a novice at tags mine don't look anywhere nearly as lovely! Thanks for sharing how you hung them! Gorgeous!

hugs, Linda
Createology said…
This is such a wonderful way to display and enjoy these beautiful tags. I also really like them clipped to the curtains. Thank you for the inspiration. Holiday Bliss...
Linda said…
I like this idea. You can see them all and they look beautiful display this wasy. I like the idea of clipping them to a curtain. I like to hang them from the cabinet knobs in the kitchen or my dresser. Any way you display them is sure are beautiful.
Pallas said…
Oh, so very pretty. Looks like it was a fun swap.
Lani Robertson said…
All the tags you received are AMAZING. I love how you displayed them too, you are so creative! :)

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