More vintage Christmas market fun

In case you're wondering what I picked while at those vintage Christmas markets with Suzanne, I'm going to show you.  But bear in mind that you must love vintage as much as I do to appreciate the haul!
A Santa Claus is Coming to Town 45 with very cute graphics!
A box lot of Christmas picks, including a couple of bulbs shaped like a bird and an ornament, respectively.  Lots of old mercury glass and spun cotton in there.  Below in the narrow silver box: a bunch of mercury glass beads.  The box also came with 3 eensy weensy silver icicle ornaments, also glass.  They are now on my tiny silver tree.
My first purchase the next day at the Antique Show and Sale was this Sears Catalog from 1903.  I've always wanted one!
I've only had time to flip through it, but here are some of my favorite pages so far.

I didn't know they ever even had color pages in this catalog; the one above shows different rugs you can order.
Some things never change.
One lady had the most magnificent booth full of vintage Christmas ornaments and ephemera.  Most of my purchases that day were from her!
(I think I showed you this photo the other day...that was the booth.)
Here, on my tree, is my favorite buy from her.
I also went a little nuts on the vintage Dennison and other Christmas stickers and labels -- I am addicted.
I bought a bunch of old tin foil corsage picks (silver leaves) as well as a pink corsage/package decoration that made me swoon.  You can't see it as well as I'd like you to in this photo, though -- sorry.
Another teeny, tiny glass ornament with indent, for my little silver tree.
More ephemera: this time, a well worn vest pocket  Webster's dictionary, from 1900.
and a little German verse on a sweet piece of scalloped scrap.
Remember when I showed you that lovely medallion Suzanne made for me to decorate a gift?
It's now hanging under my own ornament wreath at home.
What was the gift inside?  It was this whole VILLAGE of vintage putz houses -- swoon!
Fittingly, the gift inside the dress-embellished box was this amazing History of Fashion book!
It's a large, thick tome full of mouth-watering photos of beautiful clothes and I will be enjoying it for years to come.
In fact, I'm looking forward to reading it by the light of the Christmas tree this whole season!
How are you doing with your holiday shopping?
With the exception of the gifts I already exchange with Suzanne -- I've not even BEGUN!


autena said…
Those colored pics in the Sears Catalogue are so fun!

I really enjoyed seeing all your vintage finds I just love them all,
especially the Sears catalog, I know what you mean about reading all the way through it. I have a 1951 Spiegel catalog and love looking through it

I just love seeing what you find and enjoy
Linda said…
beautiful and fun posting. wonderful buys you made for the day. and Suzanne's gifts-oh my-how lovely! love the wreath.
Kathy said…
What luck to find that catalog!! I have an old one from the 1930s that has been in my family for years and it's funny because I just took some pictures of it for a blog post this week!

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