Hello, November!

A bit of what I've been up to, as October changed into November:
 listing some stuff in Leaves and Lace, my handmade shop...like these tags...
 and this canvas, which I started earlier this year and just now finished!
 I also made some new ephemera packs for my vintage shop.
In fact, there are many new items in that shop, as I have been adding new ones every day this week and still have many more to list.
And, I've been shopping; the vintage silk ties above are supplies that I bought for myself.
You know how I am with vintage fabrics!  I just fell in love with these 1950ish motifs; the ties came from someone who had already taken them apart to use in her crafts, and they were 4/$1.00!   It's a wonder I didn't buy them all!
This is a cutter quilt that I bought for $10 at an estate sale.
It is very old and I love the purple, yellow and green theme so well that I have it draped over my chaise lounge.  I don't think I'll cut -- or sell -- it!
At the same estate sale, I also had to get this blue and white, old tile for my blue and white bedroom.
And, this SWEET, old purse!  Because the handle was ripped, it was only $5.
I could not get over the mother of pearl and metal details.
Then, I found this pretty, woodcut-illustrated copy of Tom Jones.
 More fun ephemera: this time from a thrift store.
I love unopened packages of vintage Hallmark napkins.
Now, these look like bracelets but are actually pieces of the handle of a handmade evening purse.  The purse itself was ugly, but I can't wait to repurpose the bling!
I visited a thrift store out of town for the very first time recently -- and was so surprised to find this set of beautiful and very old framed prints.
I'm a sucker for this design of prints; and I loved that it they were matted in lavender!  Soon they will live in my dining room, I think.  They make me smile!
Have you found anything fun lately?  Do tell!
Now, I'm going to go have a cry...
as I've just realized I just spent two weeks with my son on Fall Break and don't have a single photo of it!  The ones of him at the band competition don't count.  (*Sob*!!)


Unknown said…
Love the purse details too! How amazing was that to find in a thrift store?! I would have snatched up those 1800's prints too! They are absolutely lovely! great scores!
Anonymous said…
beautiful tags! i love the art nouveau images as well. you did good on your shopping.
Sandi McLean said…
What great finds! I am lovin' every piece. Haven't checked your shops for awhile so off to do that. Lack of pics, can't say how often that happens with me :( So busy enjoying the time and then it slips away.
Kathy said…
Oh, Laurie, these are wonderful finds - you have such a great eye!
The tags you made are lovely! As always, you made some wonderful buys. I especially love the prints - they're so YOU!
You found some great things here! I love those framed prints! Your tags are very special too! Hugs, Linda
Tami Hacker said…
Great finds - I see those prints hanging in your dining room for sure!
JoAnne said…
Great finds Laurie...love those prints!
Oh how fun your hello November post is. I have one of those too! I love love your prints matted in Lavender. They remind me of "The Young Victoria" movie which is my most favorite movie. I never get tired of it! Hugs to you dear friend!
Unknown said…
I love that purse! It is right up my alley....I cant believe you got an old quilt in such good shape for 10.00!!!!!!
autena said…
Those purse handles are so COOL, and the other purse is lovely as well. Looks like you lucked out big time!

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