Look what I won from the Vintage Gypsea Mermaid!  Two really sparkly mermaid ornaments that hang from lovely, beaded wires.  She's planning a monthly giveaway, so you need to go visit her blog to join in!
I received these knitting magazines from a friend -- they are full of Jane Austen inspired projects!
Gosh, between that and a couple more surprises I have to tell you that it is so much fun going to the mailbox lately!
The weather around here has finally started acting like it's Winter, BRR.
Still -- how is it possible that Thanksgiving is next week already?!
Are you prepared?  I am NOT...but I will be.
There is much to be thankful for, but you wouldn't know it by my conversations lately.
Note to self: Express. Gratitude.
We'll be home for the holiday and I will be cooking as usual.  (I really do enjoy it.)
My arm is feeling just a little bit better, so my husband was kind enough to help me do the hardest part (punch the holes in the covers) of these Christmas-themed ephemera journals so I could finish them up and list them in my handmade shop.  It was fun working with all the Christmas red.
Have I mentioned I am really in the mood for Christmas?
There's new Christmas-y stuff in my vintage shop, like: a trio of Ardco angels...
this really fun Christmas tablecloth...
 and an unusual Alfons Walde print from the '20s -- so iconic! -- plus much more.
Ornaments from the Button Floozies Christmas Ornament Swap have begun to arrive this week, and I can't wait to show them to you, as well as the ones I made, once everyone has received theirs!
I have some estate sale/thrift store/antique market finds to photograph and show you, too!
I guess I'd better get busy!


autena said…
Oh, I love that print--how cool! Took me a few looks to realize what was in the bread pan 9of course, I though at first, that it was some yummy treat to eat).
Anonymous said…
What a surprise to see the ornaments I made in my blog dashboard this morning! I am so glad you like them. I see a few things I like as well..the journal books and the angels. Off to check out your shop. Have a great day!
Kathy said…
Good grief, girl, you are making me feel like a slacker! Love those journals.
Linda said…
Oh the journals are gorgeous! love those. fun items in the shop. Happy Thanksgiving and i'm glad your arm is felling better.
Love the vintage post and the mermaid ornaments. I am also going to be cooking again this year, and looking forward to it. Many joys to you in the coming week friend!
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
wow what a wonderful giveaway to win...happy holidays Laurie..

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