In which I break two holiday traditions

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends!
For Thanksgiving this year, I bucked tradition by having meatloaf for dinner!
only because I have two recovering from the flu at my house
and they don't have an appetite, yet.
I plan to cook the turkey with all the trimmings later this weekend.
And we enjoyed the other aspects of the holiday -- thankfulness, togetherness, and laziness -- as usual!
The other tradition I'm breaking is not going Black Friday shopping.
I just have so much great stuff already!
Like the wonderful ear bobs that came in the mail the other day from Angela!
Look at those button ones!  She knows me so well!
Who needs Tiffany when you've got Angela, I ask you?
And I refuse to be in the crowds.  No deal is worth it!
I'm going to do all my shopping online from small businesses this year.
Now, I'm getting caught up on showing you some of the fun stuff I've picked up thrifting lately.
I love the Christmas kitchen towel with the trio, above.
Not to sell, but just to enjoy in all its kitchy-ness, for 49 cents.
Along the same vein -- a package of vintage party invitations with an elf.
Look at the little bells on his toes!
I bought the china cup and saucer to sell, but only when unpacking it discovered a chip in the rim so I'm going to have to keep it.  I loved the raised painted berries.
It's sitting on a wonderful Christmas table runner.
I am so into "NOEL" this year -- and I have no idea why but that's okay.
I often find craft supplies at great prices when I'm picking junque.
I picked up this HUMUNGO roll of vintage red tulle.  I know I'll have fun with it.
I just might wear this frothy red petticoat slip when I'm doing Christmas crafting this season.
I couldn't leave it behind at an estate sale.
It remains to be seen if I will ever leave the house in it, though.
Buying stuff like that slip is always worth whatever price
(in this case, $5) just to see the look on my husband's face when I come home with it.
I also picked up this package of tear away pattern for silk ribbon embroidery.
I thought it would be fun to try, since I'm a novice in that art.
I love finding unopened packages of craft supplies.
Like these quilt clips which might come in handy if I should ever start on my son's quilt.
It says they're for machine quilting but I think they'd be equally helpful for hand quilting, since I don't have a rack of my own.
More craft supplies -- this time, old clip earrings that will be disassembled for bling.
And a whole box of Russian vocabulary cards with hilarious drawings!
These will be a fun addition to ephemera packs.
Okay: you know I could never resist a silk hankie-sized scarf (from probably the 1960s) with a "9 day wonder diet" all spelled out (and illustrated!)
It was a diet recommended by Harper's Bazaar.
It makes me laugh!
Now this probably makes YOU laugh -- that I would buy such a thing as this Easter egg bauble.  Complete with a mother duck and two ducklings.  From an estate sale.
It was put together with beads, sequins and pins.  All plastic.
You just don't see something like this every day, in such good condition.
It was treasured, for sure.
And now it's mine.
If you're fitting junque-ing into your holiday weekend, I do want to hear about it!


Happy day after Thanksgiving. I hope your family is feeling better soon and can enjoy that turkey! I am not going to do any Black Friday shopping. I've mostly been small business shopping and thrifting. I've found some pretty awesome stuff I'll be sharing pretty soon on my blog.
hugs, Linda
Kathy said…
Sorry to hear the family is under the weather and hope they are feeling better soon - and you are spared!
I would have bought every single one of those things myself. Can you imagine wearing your diet around your neck as a reminder - LOL!
I spoke too soon yesterday find that I am again unable to upload photos this morning - Grrr! So rather than sitting here feeling frustrated I plan to steer clear of the Black Friday chaos and head to The Bins instead.
Linda said…
i don't do black friday. don't like the crowds and the rudeness. we have a snow storm last night with lots fo ice-good reason to stay in. hope the guys recover and enjoy their turkey. meatloaf is always a favorite of mine.
The scarf is fabulous and maybe meatloaf is your new family tradition; why be normal? -smile-
Unknown said…
Love that your elf is sitting with a KEG! Funny! I stopped doing black Friday the year I was pregnant with my son. I don't miss it at all...I save my $ for day after markdowns! Hope your guys are all feeling better!
Mitzi said…
I love your little finds, especially the sequin bauble! I was able to attend a fantastic estate sale, and I loaded up on great goodies from the tacky to the elegant!
A belated but heartfelt "Happy Thanksgiving" to you and your sweet family, Laurie. I hope everyone is back on their feet now.
I love that you were able to extend your holiday and celebrate on two occasions!
Your Christmas decorations will be fabulous and I look forward to seeing more on Indulge Your Shelf!
Have a beautiful week, dear friend.

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