It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas.  I am kind of just ignoring the Thanksgiving holiday this year, in favor of going straight on to Christmas, which is not normally my style but I'm going with it.  SPOILER ALERT: if you are swapping with me in the Very Merry Christmas Matchbox Ornament Swap, you will want to skip this post lest you see your goodies in advance.
We were to make an ornament using a tiny matchbox.  I've never tried this medium before, and it was a challenge.  First I spray painted the outside of the little inner box silver...
While that was drying, I painted the edges of tiny Christmas-shaped candy molds.
I chose a vintage print of Santa Claus up on a rooftop, and cut it to fit into the inside of the matchbox.  Then I painted around the edges of the inside of the box with more white paint.
I added some sparkly sequin trim on the bottom of the inside of the box, and glittered all of it.
I also glittered the inside of the little tins, over the white painted trim.
I covered the outer/cover of the matchboxes with silver paper, then glued the tin on top of a teeny tiny paper cup (like a cupcake paper).  Then, I went to town tying different baubles like buttons, jewels, and vintage tree light covers, with different fibers and stringing through the bottom of the box.
My favorite part is this great original Christmas Seal from 1936 which I glued onto the back of each ornament.
You wouldn't believe how time-consuming this project was!
I used one of the LARGE matchboxes, and a larger tart tin, to create a hostess gift for JoAnne; she runs a year 'round swap group on Flickr, and I participated in three of their swaps this year!
I filled a box with mostly vintage Christmas ephemera that I hope she loved!
Next, I'll show you the White Christmas Tags I sent off earlier this week -- stay tuned!


You are SO clever; these are cute!
Dee in N.H. said…
Wow! Those are awesome and so worth all the work!!
Anonymous said…
these are just adorable. hope i get one from the swap.
JoAnne said…
I do love my hostess gift very much Laurie! And I know everyone is going to love your little ornaments!
Linda Sue said…
Great ideas! These are brilliant, my dear! Brilliant, I say! The time you have spent doing them was time well spent!
Wendy said…
These are adorable Laurie!
andrea creates said…
these are so cute! :)
These are so cute! I love all the layering you do.
Tammy said…
Oh, you're little matchboxes are so cute!!

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