In which I create a fabric book

It usually doesn't take me MONTHS to finish something, but some projects are easily set aside and picked up again, like this fabric book I began in July when Tami was visiting.
As you can see in the photo above, we were sitting at my dining room table with scraps of fabric everywhere the evening we began working on it!
I thought it would be fun to show you just how I go about making one of these books.  First, I decide on a page size.  In this case, it was determined by the largest scraps of fabric I decided to use.  I got the green print with the pots and utensils on the right for free, as a scrap, at an estate sale.  Then I layer coordinating fabric scraps on top of one another to build more pages, as I did with the pink and green scraps on the left.
I just go to town pinning bits of fabric together in a way that pleases me.  It's very free-form/not measured, because I really enjoy that look.

I play around with it a lot until I find what is most pleasing.
I think most of my time is spent in choosing the fabrics, and then adding coordinating trims, from among my stash...
and usually a "theme" of sorts emerges.  Typically it's a color scheme that seems to want to come together.
I love playing with textures especially; and of course, almost all the pieces I use are vintage.
After not touching it for about a month, I worked on the book again last night.  Here it is all bound;
Not all the pages, but you get the idea...
I especially like how the back cover came out.
Next, it needs some buttons and bling.
All I have to do is decide what it wants to "be":
it might be an album in which I'll pin and tie found embellishments;
or, it might be a holder of photos, where I tie some in, put some into the pockets I've made, or just slip some in between the leaves.
I don't know yet if this book will end up in my shop...
but I will show you when it's finished!


WW said…
Very beautiful. I keep telling myself I should make one, but then I look at ones other people make and I figure mine will never be that nice. How do you stop the fabric from fraying?

Wendy W
JoAnne said…
It's coming together nicely Laurie! Love all the different fabrics you used and free forming is very appealing to me also.
It would be hard to let this one go in the shop!
Robin said…
It's gorgeous Laurie! I love your color and texture combinations. Thanks for sharing your process, it sounds like you really enjoy playing with your fabric scraps!

I'm so glad you shared your process. This will give me some direction for the two bundles of I've been collecting for books. I frequently look at the one you made for me, and it always makes me happy! Thank you again!
Kathy said…
Fabric books really are your calling. Love your fabric selections and your books are always just wonderful!!
Unknown said…
I cant wait to see it...I am wondering how you make it into a book. (binding?)

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