Little London Market

Something new and exciting happened in Colorado Springs this past year: a new outdoor vintage market sprung up downtown on the second Saturday of the month, called the Little London Market.  My friend Kathy sells there and ever since she told me about it, it's become a favorite.
As with other, once a month markets -- you just never know what you'll find when you stop by; vendors vary and there is always something fun to see!  This last market of the year had a holiday theme.
Look at those vintage lace pretties on the mannequins in back ~ swoon!

The gal who had the booth above, Beth, also has an Etsy shop called Crown Antiques.

 These photos are from my friend Kathy's booth...

 She does such a great job arranging her wares!
Another friend who had a booth there, Lani, also has an Etsy shop, called Objects of Affection
She is having a BIG SALE in that shop over the next few days!  Here's her ad for that:
Cute ad, huh?
So, I know you are wondering what I bought for myself at the Little London Market:
It all came from Kathy's booth -- she has the BEST stuff!
I already had a kitty sewing box like this, in pink, but I love it so much in red!
AND it came with all these wonderful buttons!
Look at these little Putz-like houses -- they are teeny tiny, and pink!
 Kathy recently traveled to Portland, and she brought back some treasures for me, like these great photos...
how adorable is that little curly-haired girl?
These trims are the perfect size for tags...
and this grab bag (box) of pretty ribbons will be so great on so many projects!  She got them from a place that I would love to visit -- the Button Emporium and Ribbonry!
I'm so happy she thought of me while in OR.
I can hardly wait until the next season of Little London Markets next year!


That looks like an awesome shopping experience! That curly haired little girl is adorable! hugs, Linda
Linda said…
lots of fun stuff to create with. looks like a great place to shop. happy thanksgiving.
Kathy said…
I like how Lani used the suitcase for display and LOVE your treasures. Buttons, what can I say! I have to give you this link to a yarn holder in my MIL's Etsy shop because I think it has the same kittens on the top. Thought of it the minute I saw yours!
Unknown said…
Love the pictures! We should do a swap of scanned photos some day! That would be fun. LOVE the sewing box too!
Lani Robertson said…
Laurie, thanks for coming out to the Little London market and for snapping a photo of my booth...I hadn't gotten a picture of it that day! :)

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