Counting down to Christmas

I have been wanting to make a Christmas countdown board forever and am so happy I finally got around to it -- just in the nick of time!
First, I went through my ephemera and looked for numbers.  All the ones I used, shown above, are vintage except for the round black ones; they are new from the scrap book store.  Then I scrounged around my craft supplies for vintage findings for each day.
That was as far as I got on the first day, but then this morning I was able to finish up.  It was such a joy to work with so many of my "junk drawer" pieces and Christmas kitsch!
I had to run out mid day to buy magnets to finish the job -- but here it is, in all its glory!
The "base" is a vintage TV tray which has been painted with chalkboard paint.
I think it makes a great background for all the little magnets!
Here are some closeups...
I'm sure you can tell just by looking...
that I had A LOT of fun with this project!
At the very end, I added a sparkly "Merry Christmas" next to number 25!


Peace said…
I could not love this more!! Well done you! :O)
That is so stinkin' CUTE! And you finished it so quickly. I'm impressed!
I made something similar last year. I love your countdown calendar and all the vintage things you used. So charming!

Tami Hacker said…
The cutest countdown calendar ever!!
I was thinking about a countdown calendar yesterday and here you have made the cutest one EVER! Love it!

hugs, Linda
Rachel said…
I LOVE this!! I maybe inspired to go scrounge around my studio to do this too!!
Angela said…
You didn't happen to make two, did you!?!?!? That is SO cute! I just love it!
Linda said…
Very cute. i like the way you used the tray and the chalkboard paint. all those tiny little items to put on the calendar must have been a job to find them all. love it.
Anonymous said…
I am totally stealing this when I come to your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown said…
ADORABLE! I have a couple of the same i want to make one too! I have been saving items to make advent pieces for my son, but I still don't have enough for each day! This is more do-able! Very cute!
Kathy said…
What a fun project - I love this!!
One of the cutest holiday projects I've seen this year!!! I want to make one too!

You are the best , quickest , creator, I know of .

I love it , so cute. I think I have most of those items however would take me till next Christmas to finish it LOL

when i get home from work I just want to eat , get my jammies on and watch TV or read
Tammy said…
What a fabulous countdown board!! All that vintage loveliness!
Deborah said…
I adore all the Little pieces of vintage-y goodness. They just make me happy!! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know that I am not the only person having trouble with the blogger photo debacle:)

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