Creating the unexpected

 I ask you, did you ever expect me to make something like this little altered doll art piece?
Me neither.
I was just so inspired by the altered dolls I saw in Kansas City last month so I started to check out dolls at thrift stores and estate sales.  When I found this one with different colored eyes that opened and closed, I knew I'd found my muse.
Originally, I wanted to give her arms, too.  Alas, I chose a cigar box instead of my original idea of a tin as her "body" and it was too difficult to cut holes through it.
If I do another one -- I'll give her arms.
I liked the graphics that were already on the black and gold box, and I added to it.
My favorite part of the whole piece is the clock on the front; it's cut from a time-telling flashcard; the hands move, too.  I was sort of playing with the concept of time/winter, can you tell?
I used needlepoint ephemera (old magazine pages) and added some red accents.
For the back, I found another time-themed flash card, and then went off on a little tangent when I found an old drawing of a girl from behind.  Since it was the BACK of the piece, I thought it would be fun to put the picture there.  Then, a phrase jumped out at me from a children's vocabulary dictionary about buying candy, that sort of went along with the girl looking in the store window...
and then I remembered that I'd found these two old pennies inside one of the vintage purses I recently bought, and then there was the play on words with pen/penny and I got carried away -- can you tell?
 Here are some photos from Kansas of the altered dolls I saw...
 that kind of got me going on this kick!
You just never know where inspiration will hit, do you?
When I bought the doll, the estate sale gals, who know me pretty well, had this to say:
"Now I really am worried about you."
I must admit, my husband and son are also a bit perplexed.
But -- I love her!


Linda said…
i like your doll better than the ones from KC. her eyes are kind of freaky but seeing something in person is different than a photo. love your thinking-makes sense to me.
Tammy said…
Well that was a fun read! You're altered doll turned out very cute! I saw it on my facebook wall first while scrolling on my phone. Couldn't wait to get to the computer tonight to find out the story!
Kathy said…
Welcome to the world of weird - I love it!
Unknown said…
Ihink it is wonderful! I have seen some that are just plain creepy/ugly...Yours as a sweetness to it that I really like. I would love if you came to visit my blog...I put a request on it. no pressure or obligation, I am just trying to help a child and get the word out......
Unknown said…
I love your "Time for Babe" -- so creative! Thanks for coming by the market Saturday and was nice to meet Dennis.
She's wonderful! There's a certain creepiness to those eyes, but I love what you've done with her.

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