It's Monday and we're all in pain

 I'm still dreaming of 1960s New York...and Audrey...
Thanks to this GORGEOUS little package I received from Tamatha!
She made it all by hand!
My Halloween candy distributing helpers last week
After another expensive trip to the veterinarian, Maggie (10) and Snoopy (7) are now moving around better.
'Turns out Snoopy has calcification in his back (discs) and I didn't realize his slower demeanor was actually pain, poor baby.  Now that he's feeling better, he has made a return to his frisky self!
He still can't jump up into the car, but that's okay.  I don't mind helping.
Maggie's having her arthritic back and torn knee pains...but 4 doggie pills a day are really helping with that.
I am now spending as much per month on dog Rxs as I am on people Rxs.
Please remind me of that next time you hear me whining about how much I WANT A KITTY CAT.
So, yesterday we were doing some work in the front yard.  No, this isn't my front yard, but I wish it was!
Anyway, I was a little over zealous with my clipping, I fear, and today I am paying for it.  With a sore elbow.  Really sore.  As in, it hurts to move the mouse.  Or lift a cup of coffee.
 How's your Monday going?
I won't even mention the pain that's coming up tomorrow...aka "Election Day"...


Anonymous said…
i always feel sorry for animals and children since you can't really explain the pain to them. glad to hear they are better. take care of that elbow and hope you feel better soon. have a great week.
Anonymous said…
i was having such sympathy pains for you all i totally forgot to comment on the gifts from Tamatha-beautiful! is that your favorite color-Tiffany blue?
Linda Sue said…
Yes, the pups, I just returned from a visit with the vet re: Dexter...He is 14 years old, has a congenital heart murmur that has increased, thus the buckling of legs and stunned look...He is blind in one eye , has and inoperable tumor on his eye lid, is deaf and now on antibiotics. We are looking at quality time instead of heroics to better his little life. Ans so it goes- never again, no more pets...I will remind you if you remind me...
I go through a lot of advil when the weather turns! Old age for me- getting used to it will be a challenge!
I DO like your back yard!!!!
Unknown said…
Pups hurting is about as bad as your baby hurting! Glad they are doing better. I for one will be SOOO much better when this election is over! It is a TOTAL pain in my (Insert fav. word here!) We are in a "battleground state" and I SWEAR we get at least 15 calls a day for the last month! I have literally taken my phone off the hook for most of the day! Hope you feel better too!
Kathy said…
Eeeee! I had to stay home from work today and spend the day bonding with my heating pad after wrenching my back. Maybe I need some of those doggie pills!
Tammy said…
I've been totally ignoring Blogger lately and just found this post! So glad you loved the bag and necklace.
You're poor doggies! It's not fun when you know they hurt-they can't tell us where it hurts, but you can always tell when they just aren't right. We have one dog and one cat. Boy is it tempting to add to the family!!

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