Summer flitting

Thank you for all the heartfelt wishes for my son's birthday!  We had a fun celebration.
So, he's off camping now and I have a million things to do (who doesn't, right?)...but I'm having a hard time concentrating on much of anything.  I keep flitting from one project to the next.
a pile of pretty things
I'm so easily distracted.  Look at this hat I bought at a thrift store a while back!
I wanted it because it was so frothy with flowers but also because it actually fit me!
I have (ahem) a really big head and few vintage hats work for me.
One thing I frequently buy at thrift stores is novels to read.  I don't read as much as I'd like to -- normally, just for 30 minutes or so before bed -- but I do look forward to that little luxury.  If you ever want to know what kind of books I'm reading, you can check out my Shelfari bookcase over there in the right sidebar; that's what I've been using the last year or so to keep track of titles.
I like contemporary fiction, and tend to shy away from anything that you can categorize easily, such as: romance, mystery, fantasy.  I don't really ever know how to describe what I like, except to say it's usually not what's on the bestseller list.  I am attracted to titles that have won or been on the short list for the major literary awards; if it has one of those gold stickers on the front, I'll pick it up.  I really do enjoy American authors.  Authors I'll always read: Dave Eggers, Michael Chabon, Wally Lamb, Cormac McCarthy, Alice Hoffman, Elizabeth Berg, and, of course, my hero: Jane Austen.
I think it's kind of funny that I rarely blog about reading -- since it's so near to my heart and, along with writing, is one of greatest passions.

Speaking of books, I couldn't pass up this lovely old box of bookplates at an antique store last week.
I found this pretty postcard album; it was empty save for a couple of stray postcards...
including one written to little Effie, who turned 4 in March of 1911.
On Sunday, I managed to settle down long enough to list some new stuff in my Etsy shop, like this set of bathroom wall hangings.  I'm motivated to pay some attention to my vintage shop right now because I'm just a couple of sales away from hitting 400.
Vintage friendship motto print
Adorable draught horse figurine
Six vintage eyeglass cases
English chrome coffee pot with creamer and sugar
Listing items on Etsy can be excruciating, especially when you wait, as I often do, until you have two pages of things to list.  So I'm determined to do it more often, and fewer items at a time, this summer -- in an attempt to alleviate the pain!
Frilly lampshade
Little Bo Peep metal tray
Listing more frequently, and on weekends, are two ways to get more exposure on Etsy, too.
Something that, happily, sold immediately: a set of drapery panels (3) in this fun vintage woodland print! The gal who purchased them said they were just what she was looking for, for her dining room.  I love getting notes like that from buyers!  Next up: putting together some ephemera packs to sell in the shop!


Unknown said…
Love that illustration of the girl reading the book, so gorgeous. I could swear that horse figure looks like the souvenirs they used to sell at Busch Gardens when Busch owned it and the Clydesdale team was there?! I've been thinking about it, do your Ephemera packs sell easily? I have so much I need to thin out!
Tami Hacker said…
Happy Belated Birthday Ben!

You find the best items at your shops. I hope your shops have wonderful items when I'm there!!

Wished you could have shopped from my close-out vintage sale... I know you would have appreciated my items. It does feel good to be out from underneath all of it.

Hugs, Tami
autena said…
too am only a few sales from reaching 400! Good luck and congrats!
Kathy said…
Loved the comment about your hat size. I have the exact opposite problem, teeny tiny little pin head so hats never fit unless you consider covering your eyes as fitting - LOL!
I agree on the Etsy. I STILL have not finished listing all of the patterns I got a couple weeks ago.
Happy belated birthday to your son:-)
Hope it was a great time.
Those bookplates are so precious and in such good condition. Love the postcard album and eye glass cases too. I have a few of them and still trying to figure out what to do with them.
Linda said…
glad to hear you all enjoyed Ben's birthday. lots for work, get a snack to fortify you-birthday cake maybe?

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