June 1

June 1 has always been one of my favorite days of the year.  The promise of summer, the end of the school year, the month of weddings...what's not to like?  In 1997 it shot to the top of my list when it became the day my only child, my son Ben, was born.
If you've been reading a long time, then you know my son was my 4th child; the first 3 were lost earlier than 11 weeks to miscarriage.  After Ben, I would go on to lose 3 more babies to miscarriage, and learn to be grateful for the miracle of carrying him to term.
We've had so many happy June 1sts over the last 15 years!
It's the day we got each of our dogs -- Maggie first, for Ben's 5th birthday...
and Snoopy later, for his 8th birthday.
There was the surprise birthday of a lifetime, when Ben turned 10; we spent a week in DisneyWorld, (something we'll probably never be able to afford to do again -- but it was worth every penny!)
Now that Ben's older, we usually celebrate at home, with friends.  (Those are virgin margaritas!)
Ben, second from the right on last month's hiking trip
This year, though, Ben turns 15 and  his summer is going to be all about the driver's permit, the Eagle Project, and National Youth Leadership Training.  Between Scouting trips and a stint as camp counselor, he'll be away for five weeks this summer.
Ben, on the left, at mealtime
I'm really happy for him, and proud that he's chosen to spend his summer this way.  Even though I'll be missing him.  I guess I'd better get used to it!

Happy Birthday Benjamin!


Kathy said…
Oh, Laurie, he truly is your miracle boy and what a treasure he is! Happy Birthday to Ben!
So happy you were blessed with Ben .

happy Birthday Ben

my parents were married June 1st 1957

June is a wonderful month for all of us
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday to your Ben! SO what are you going to do with all that free time?!
Lynn Holland said…
What a lovely INDULGE YOUR SHELF posting.
Lynn xx
Linda Sue said…
Get used to it...add that to the list of things that will never happen...I do not understand parents who just can not wait for their kids to be grown and out on their own...I don't get it!
That's a lot of pregnancies!!! WOW! Glad Ben decided to stick around- he is a lovely boy! And you are a lovelier mom!
Peace said…
Good job mama! :O)
Linda said…
Happy Birthday Ben! And wishes for many many more all celebrated with your Mom.
Beth Leintz said…
Oh my gosh, Laurie I had no idea what a miracle baby Ben was. Happy happy birthday to him and to you, Mom!
Anonymous said…
Oh honey, happy happy belated birthday to your precious Ben. He is such a handsome young man. They do grow up so fast, don't they? It seems I blinked and mine were in collage.

I wanted to let you know that I am having a digital scrapbook giveaway if you are interested in that sort of thing. Here is the link to the post...


Have a beautiful week, my lovely friend. Mina

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