Glorious finds and glorious friends

I was so busy being inspired and over-awed by Old Glory that I really didn't buy that much -- but I spent all the cash I brought with me!
A box of FULL stickers from the 1950s.
You know how I feel about this stuff!
Many, many different stickers.  Their snarky, scolding phrases make me laugh!
The same vendor had this great packet of business banking receipts from 1917.  I usually can't resist anything old that says San Francisco.
I found, separately, this old aluminum clock face and some clock hands.  I'm dreaming of an art project...
Of course, a bag of vintage buttons...and I haven't even had a chance to open the bag and look at them yet, if you can believe it.  That pearl and rhinestone piece was worth the price of the whole bag, to me.
...But this was my very favorite find: a little pile of medals embossed with names of flowers!  They inspired me immediately and I've been daydreaming about making them into necklaces.  I can hardly wait to give it a try!
Sweet Suzanne found two of these long, thin day/ledger books at Old Glory, and gifted me one of them!
So. Much. Fun.
When I saw her the week before (what a treat: twice within a week!), Suzanne gifted me some great supplies, like this vintage song paper, burlap ribbon, notebook...
super fun rolls of Sasheen paper ribbon...
tags, paper, lace and pearls...
and a handmade box full of fancy lavender lace!  Sweetness.
A few days ago, this amazing package arrived in my mailbox from Linda Sue!
Treasures from her recent trip to Europe (England and Italy.)  Sigh.  Linda has an incredible eye, and she knows what I love!
Did you spy the green glass button in the first photo?  Amazing.  And it all came in that silk embroidered bag from Venice along with this hand-made-by-Linda-Sue card; she made it with scraps of Venetian paper.  I love it like crazy!
A friend closer to home, Connie, picked up this wonderful ephemera with me in mind!
Don't I have thoughtful friends?


Jingle said…
Such wonderful goodies!
sjmcdowell said…
Hello Laurie,

Oh wow you found some really exciting things here. I am in love with the Ribbon rose pretty! And really cool buttons too!:)

I know you will have fun with it all!!

Ciao Bella,

Kathy said…
Oh you lucky girl!! Love that ribbon embroidery.
Connie said…
I know you will have fun creating with all your new things!
Unknown said…
I love the labels about extending you pay up! So awesome! I just bought a few papers from Italy to work on my travel journal great to have your friends to swap with and share! Can't wait to see what you make of some of this!
OH MY GOSH, I have GOT to start selling things on e-bay. I had no idea these types of things would sell; my old farmhouse is FULL of stuff like this!
Wow - what wonderful finds! The stickers are amazing - such fun!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Tami Hacker said…
Fun & amazing finds! Love those labels.

What sweet, glorious gifts from your friends!

Hugs, Tami
Linda said…
all just wonderful finds and gifts. i know we can look forward to seeing some amazing art in the near future. have fun!

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