Etsy turns seven and Denver has a party

I met my buddy Suzanne at Denver's Etsy Craft Party 2012: Bon Jour Paris.  The event is put together to celebrate Etsy's birthday by the Denver Handmade Alliance, of which I'm a member.
It's held at the Denver Public Library, downtown in the arts complex.  I enjoyed spending the day there -- it was one for the record books: sunny, clear and about 75 degrees.
I spent the morning at the Denver Art Museum, before the Etsy event.  I wanted to see the Madeline Albright "Read My Pins" exhibit.  If you haven't heard of the exhibit, you can read about it and see some of the pins here.
Interesting aside: Madeline had a personal history in Colorado, as she lived here for a while while growing up (thus the cowboy hats she liked to wear when she traveled.)
The Etsy event started at 1 pm, and it was well-attended this year!  There were three Paris-themed crafts to work on, as well as a cooking demo of flavored nuts.  Parisian movies were screening while we mingled and crafted.
There was a strolling musician, too -- as well as continental snacks, coffee and "bubbly" (ginger ale.)
Suzanne met me there and we enjoyed a few hours of visiting and creating together!
At the middle right you can see the "metro" shrinky-dink pin I made, and at the lower right, Suzanne's Eiffel tower earrings made using the same method.  On the bottom left, some embroidery I brought to work on.
We had fun!
Can you tell?  I was also celebrating a milestone in my vintage Etsy shop: 400 sales.  (Sales are slow, but steady, and that's okay with me!)


Dee in N.H. said…
Fun, fun, FUN!! Looks like a really cool event!
Oh my gosh! Congrats on your 400th sale! And what a great way to celebrate, at an ETSY party.

I have the Madeleine Albright book and a corresponding pin (gifts from my wonderful former boss and his wife) and would love to see the exhibit. Glad you had a fun day!
Kathy said…
Glad you had such a fun day!! They have some Etsy events here in Portland but I have not attended one so far. Congrats on the 400!
autena said…
I'm so gald you made your 400th sale! I'm still waiting...
Wendy said…
Looks like you had a lovely time.
Unknown said…
I had no idea there were Etsy groups. Now I have to look into that! I feel like a black sheep sometimes...hardly any crafty/artsy people here! but maybe there is a group somewhere nearby! Glad you had a great time!

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