A red train case, and a celebration

Thank you for all your support and for keeping my neck of the woods in your thoughts and prayers.  We have 346 homes confirmed lost.  Among the newly homeless are a young couple that I worked with at my last job; they had to evacuate on their baby's first birthday and lost everything in their rented home that was just last night confirmed as having burned to the ground.  Here's a photo of the smoke plumes from the numerous fires in that neighborhood and beyond that are still smoldering.  We are so grateful to our hardworking firefighters and all the other emergency personnel -- it's going on a week since this particular fire broke out and they have been on the front lines.  The fire is estimated to be 15% contained, today.
To change the subject to something more pleasant: my friend Angela asked me to make her a train case, similar to the one I made for Rebecca to take to Birdsong.  She was going to buy one and send it to me,  but I actually had just the thing already at home!
This SWEET little Starline train case I found at a thrift store recently; I covered the inside with some vintage wallpaper that matched really well.  The case is super sturdy, beautifully colored, and has amazing hardware!
Angela picked out some ephemera images that she liked, and I went to town decorating it!
Angela finally received it in the mail today -- so, now I can show you!
One of the elements was a from our Birdsong Two goodie bag -- this "square" of quilt yo-yos.
 I also created a hanging tag for the handle.
On it: a mini antique yardage tag on a really cool old clip.
Of course I had to put a bird on it!  I'm so glad Angela likes it -- she'll be using it as a sewing case!  She'll be making me a purse in return, and I will show you as soon as receive it!
In other news: Button Floozies blog has 1,000 followers; to celebrate that milestone, we're having a giveaway of this lovely hand painted button.  Everyone is welcome to enter, here.


Kathy said…
My heart just aches for all the folks suffering in this fire. I hope and pray they will have it under control and OUT soon!
Love the little red train case! You have put your time indoors to good use.
Dee in N.H. said…
Oh Laurie, I just can't imagine the heartache that all this is causing. I really hope that the fires can somehow end...Thinking of you...
Linda said…
I have visited Colorado Springs and just love the town. It's sad how destructive the fires are and how many people are affected.

The case is a jewel, a really gorgeous piece to use for a sewing basket. Having fancy storage is always fun.
This is just an awful situation. Just watched the evening news again and it sure didn't sound encouraging. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.
The train case is adorable...love all the pretty treasures you added.
Stay safe!
Mitzi said…
I've been praying for all the people and animals affected by the fires in Colorado. Such a frightening situation....

Thanks so much for dropping me a note about the yoyos! I love the train case/sewing kit you created and how you incorporated them in your design!
Lori Anderson said…
I've been watching the news, just horrified. I'm glad you're safe.

On another note, your train case is lovely!
Wendy said…
I am in love with this train case! I have an old samsonite train case that I may have to do a makeover now that I have seen yours!

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