A small yellow fabric book

So, I have to show you this small fabric book that I surprised Suzanne with the other day:
It is a compilation of vintage fabrics, ribbon, trims, and buttons...with a few extras!
As I told Suzanne, I always think of her when I am working with the color yellow.  She is a very sunny kind of person!
I embellished this page with vintage crochet lace and a piece of vintage enamel jewelry: daisies!
I sewed this button that I got in Kansas, along with this tiny license from Kansas, all onto a piece of vintage fabric with an old car motif -- to remind her of all our road-tripping in that fair state!
I made this book, only my third or fourth one, using what I have come to call my 'method'; I search for bits of fabric with lovely decoration, sew two pieces together as a front and back page using a sewing machine and then add trim and everything else by hand.
Once I've finished edging with trim, I begin to embellish with old fabric, lace, buttons, and whatever else I can find!  Aren't those tiny flower buttons amazing?

Somehow, this vintage paper umbrella, meant for cocktails, found its way into Suzanne's book!
It is so much fun to go through all my pretty fabrics and such to find coordinating pieces to use as embellishments!
This ribbon with buttons was actually a bookmark given to me at a button club meeting.
This is the back cover; it consists of a vintage table runner, vintage lace, a row of vintage yellow buttons, some fancy embroidered stitches, and, like the front cover, knotted yellow antique seam binding.
Here's that front cover again -- I wanted to point out that it is actually three layers: the front and back fabric, and then I inserted a beautiful piece of embroidered ribbon over which I layered organza.  I love the soft look of it; the ribbon is special, as it was a gift from Terri.  I finished it off with the palest of pale yellow flowers plucked from a vintage hat.


A quiet book for grownups! I loved quiet "busy" books for children-each page with some new texture and bright illustration. This is beautiful- though *I* wouldn't be quiet if I received one- I'd be too busy squealing, ooohing and aaaahing at all of the pretties inside!

autena said…
Wish i still had a sewing machine, so I could create something that sweet! How nice to make it for a friend, just because.
andrea creates said…
wow-that's so pretty and the details are great-love the little flower buttons too :)
Linda said…
gorgeous! The book is just beautiful and the detail and embellishments so perfect. How did you get so good so quickly-amazing.
Pallas said…
You made a beautiful little book - what a lovely gift. Did you sign it?
Wendy said…
Your little book is so lovely and I am sure the new owner will treasure it always.
Kathy said…
What a sweet little treat for your friend, I bet she was just thrilled!
Dee in N.H. said…
Ooooh! That's really sweet! Love all the bits you added!
I knew you'd be a natural at fabric books - just beautiful! And what a perfect use for that ribbon!
Tami Hacker said…
So sweet, so lovely your little book.

I've been saying for months since I saw my first fabric book (Terri!), and have been in love with them since.

I have yet to do my own, but Laurie is going to help me... I am so excited!

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