Vintage romance

I'm not one to buy vintage clothing, but sometimes I just can't resist.
I was at an antique store the other day when I spotted this little wedding dress; it's a satin sheath with a beaded bodice, quarter-length sleeves...
and this to-die-for row of covered buttons down the back.
 It needs to be cleaned and pressed, but, isn't it divine?  The bride must have been tiny.
It's American made, sold by Marshall Fields; that store has been in business since the mid-1800s.  I think this gown is what was called "Juliet style" and is probably from ca. 1960; what do you think?


Kathy said…
I was just talking with someone about vintage wedding dresses the other day. Those were the days when mothers handed wedding dresses down to daughters and made family traditions! This dress is beautiful.
JoAnne said…
How could you resist? Great buy Laurie!
Beautiful dress - gorgeous!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Oh I have bought wedding dresses before to just get the buttons and material. I am sorry I didn't buy one once that was $25. and beautiful.

Your dress is divine and i like looking out the window you have it hanging in

Marshall Fields was a good store and it is for sure 1960's dress, just like one my sister got married in back in 1971 and it was pricilla of Boston
What a gorgeous dress! I always browse through the wedding dresses at sales/thrift store. I can't resist.
Wendy said…
This is so lovely! This was a great find and like you, I would not have been able to resist buying it!

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